Basketball Update

I hope everyone had a great summer! Fall/Winter  basketball season is almost here with registration running in September and October. (Check our website for latest registration information).    Please consider volunteering to coach as there is always a need and we cannot make teams without coaches. Games begin after thanksgiving with practices beginning a week or 2 before that. Games are played on Saturday or Sunday depending on the age group.  Age groups 8-12 play on Saturdays, 13-18 play on Sundays.  In addition to the games,  one practice is held during the week.  Games are played all over the city while practices are held in the Whyte Ridge or surrounding areas.
This year we are happy to announce that we will be purchasing new uniforms for all our teams!
As part of our fundraising efforts we will be selling the new Basketball Manitoba Gold cards.
The card offers multiple and one time use coupons from local businesses including: Subway, Rona, Save on Foods, Perkins, Smitty’s, Petland, Wendy’s, KFC Taco Bell, plus dozens of others.  The card is valid until September 2018 and costs $20
If you have any questions, please contact me
John Mathieson
Basketball Director
Whyte Ridge Community Center