Whyte Ridge Mini Soccer 2018

Weather is always a talking point when we think of Whyte Ridge Mini Soccer. In 2018 we had players complaining that their “fingers were going to fall off” because of the cold and then the very next week we needed extra water breaks due to the heat! We ran from thunder and lightning twice, but we braved the elements when the winds were strong. Our players and coaches proved to be true Manitobans by embracing the sport of soccer no matter the weather!

Yes, we can always talk about the weather. However, we would rather focus on the fun on the field. We had 250 players aged 3 to 8 years old participating in Whyte Ridge Mini Soccer in 2018. We enjoyed having all but the youngest players play their games behind WRES. Some parents moved between the fields at WRES in order to watch children of different ages play. The players enjoyed learning how to handle the ball and play soccer, while the adults enjoyed the entertainment of watching children chase the ball and try to work together! The 3 and 4 year old players met at Don Smith Park as they have for many years now. Watching the little ones run around in their uniforms melts everyone’s heart!

Calabria Pizza donated pizza for all of our 250 players to have a pizza party in June. They have been doing this for Whyte Ridge Mini Soccer for countless years. We are so grateful for their kindness and support. When you order your pizza from Calabria, please thank them for their support of our community.

We are so happy with how fabulous our coaches were this year. The energy and time they gave to the program was greatly appreciated. Our parent coaches know that Mini Soccer cannot be successful without them. This year we also welcomed uncles and family friends of players to our coaching teams. In addition, we had an amazing group of youth volunteers helping the adult coaches. We wrote letters of reference for their volunteer time to 11 youth coaches ranging in age from 10 to 15 years old. Our youth really stepped up to help the adult coaches, and we hope to have more youth volunteer with mini soccer in the years to come.

As always, our organizing team of conveners and our equipment manager were integral to making this season a success. Thank you to: Ashley Schmidt (U3/4), Paulo Ferreira (U5), Michelle Girard (U6), Janine Carmichael (U7/8 Girls) and Peter Andranistakis (Equipment Manager). The combined effort of these 5 volunteers helped the season run smoothly. We feel fortunate to have been able to work with this group this season! Your dedication to getting kids involved and supporting the game of soccer is amazing!

This was our 5th year being involved as coaches and in various other aspects of Whyte Ridge Mini Soccer. Our son is aging out of mini soccer this year, so we will be headed to U9, youth soccer, in 2019. However, next year we will stay on as mini soccer directors for a final year while transitioning in a new director. Our equipment manager, has also agreed to stay on in order to transition someone in to his role next year too. His daughter will also move on to U9 soccer next year.

We are looking for volunteers to take over these roles: Mini Soccer Director and Equipment Manager.

We would be happy to sit down and talk with you (or chat on the phone) about what is involved in these positions. The three of us have enjoyed working together over the past couple of years; having this common project has made us closer. We have put in place a lot of systems and documents that should help the new director(s) and equipment manager(s). Also, we will work with you in the role next year and then remain available in the following years if ever there is a need to bounce ideas off of someone.  Our Mini Soccer program is in a good place for new people to take over and that should trickle down to the children and ensure successful future seasons.

As we look ahead to 2019, we want to thank you for your continued support of community soccer:

A big thank you to everyone: volunteers, parents and players! 2018 Mini Soccer in Whyte Ridge was a blast!

Registration for our 2019 season will be in March 2019. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Rachael Fecyk-Lamb and Karthi Pariyasamy
U7/8 Boys Co-Conveners
Co-directors Whyte Ridge Mini Soccer

Communications Director and website admin for Whyte Ridge CC in Winnipeg, Manitoba