President’s Message

I am writing this message after another very successful Summer Carnival and I want to thank our Special Events Director/Secretary for the club, Robyn McCarthy.  Without her effort and the effort of our summer students and all the volunteers, events like these don’t happen.

You have a group of volunteers at your Community Centre that are constantly looking for ways to improve the experiences the Centre can offer your Community.

Kirill, Robyn, John, Pablo, Chris, Erin, and Kerry are all serving on the board to provide programs for you and your children.  I would like to encourage more of our Community to get involved so we can continue these programs, because without your involvement, these programs will not be possible in the future.

Step up and become part of your Community Centre and help build a future for all residents of Whyte Ridge and surrounding areas.

Feel free to email me at

Thank you,

Curtis Rossow

Communications Director and website admin for Whyte Ridge CC in Winnipeg, Manitoba