Whyte Ridge summer soccer camp

Another summer, and another great camp at Whyte Ridge CC! For the second year in a row, RDT Soccer league has organized a summer camp in our community. Although it was only one week in August, we had a record-breaking number of 30+ players between the ages of 6 and 14.

For those who don’t know, RDT is a mini soccer league that has been developing the skills of junior soccer athletes for almost 25 years! They have a great team of coaches that make soccer fun, while also challenging players to improve their skills, regardless of their level.

As expected, the camp’s program combined skill development and overall fitness improvement with fun games. The players would start the day with a fitness warm-up which included running, footwork and stretching. They would then move on to some drills that focused on a certain skill, like passing, dribbling and shooting. After that, they would integrate what they learned into a fun game or activity.

The camp also offered a variety of activities during breaks, such as: drawing, building with Lego, and racing marbles down a track. The camp also had a group story time after lunch where the kids listened to stories about famous soccer players, and then discussed the main message of the books.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers and RDT coaching staff for making the camp a fun and enjoyable experience for the participants. With the help of these people, there was a noticeable improvement in each and every person attending. And of course, thank you Enrico De Thomasis for organizing the camp, while also helping and encouraging players to do better, even if they thought that they couldn’t.

Here is what some participant have to say about their experience:

“I really enjoyed this camp because there were a lot of FUN and interesting things and activities to do. For example, there was: running with parachutes, pushing and pulling weights, and doing an obstacle course. It was exciting to learn new tricks and skills that make you better at soccer. Skills like passing, shooting, getting control of the ball and more. I also made some new friends. This camp is better than any camp that I have ever been to! I’m definitely going to attend again next year!” says Eric (age 10)

“I liked how there were challenging activities and then fun activities like games and even Ultimate Frisbee. It was cool to learn that real professional soccer players actually do some of the same drills and activities that we did, like pushing weights on a sled and the obstacle course. The other great thing is that I made new soccer friends and I liked doing the indoor games like Lego with them. I can’t wait to do this camp again next summer!” says Roshan (age 8).

As you can see, we all can’t wait for next year when we can attend it again!