Fall 2018 – 163rd Winnipeg Scouts

This fall has been busy for all sections of our scouts beginning with a fall camp at Camp Amisk just south of the city, and participation in the Wilderness Challenge where our youth tested their scouting skills with scouts from all over the city. Our Scouts (ages 11-13) also camped at Haddashville and are planning 2 winter camps. Our Beaver Scouts (ages 5-7) are playing games and having fun while our Cub Scouts (ages 8-10) are practicing first aid, knots, hiking and biking. We have also had a great popcorn campaign; our number 1 fundraiser for the year. Our dedicated leaders are committed to delivering a quality program for all our youth. Scouts Canada is a co-ed youth-oriented program for everyone from 5 years and up.

For more information, visit www.163rdwinnipegscouts.ca. Let your adventure begin!

Communications Director and website admin for Whyte Ridge CC in Winnipeg, Manitoba