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The calendar pages are turning quickly and spring has arrived. The HGI team is motivated and working together to prepare our school float for the Pembina Trails Canada 150 event. With our school pillars (Humanity, Growth, Innovation, and Sustainability) in mind, we are creating a float with a dual purpose. Materials on the float will be used or repurposed into the garden project back at the school.

The entire Pembina Trails School Division will be gathering at Investors Group Field on May 24, each school with their celebratory float, along with a mass band for the playing of O Canada, a dance group, a video and many other special activities. Community participants are very welcome to join us. Happy birthday, Canada! https://ewww.pembinatrails.ca/AboutUs/SpecialEvents/Pages/Our-Pembina-Trails-Canada-150-Project.aspx Continue reading “Henry G. Izatt School News” »

Whyte Ridge Elementary School News

Whyte Ridge School celebrates 25 years this fall!

They say “time flies” but who could imagine 25 years has sped past and our wonderful community early years school is already planning its silver anniversary this fall?

Since opening in 1992, thousands of Whyte Ridge children have experienced a positive start to their schooling at Whyte Ridge. Over the years the school has moved quickly with the times; offering the very best in instruction, materials and programming. One priority however, has never changed: providing a supportive and successful first few years of school for the community’s children.  Students like Trinity Frank and Mason Yip can hardly believe the school is already 25 years old and agree “it’s a great environment to learn and grow”.  Valued staff members, like Mr. Schultz, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Yetman and Mrs. Meikle have remained with the school since its opening and are well known through the community. They all agree, they cannot imagine a better place to work. Continue reading “Whyte Ridge Elementary School News” »

Our Whyte Ridge: Story of Williams Syndrome

Have you seen this girl? You may have seen her in the neighbourhood, or maybe while sitting in your car at a red light, while she smiles, waves, or blows kisses to you.

She seems so friendly and says Hi to everyone. You know something is not quite right, but may not be comfortable asking the parents, “What is your daughter’s disability?” Please ask us! We are always spreading knowledge and awareness of her condition. Evanjeline is 10 years old and has Williams Syndrome. What is that? We didn’t know either. Google it!

Williams Syndrome is a rare genetic condition that occurs in about 1 in 10,000 births. That puts the number of Williams Syndrome population for all of Manitoba at only 100 people.  Rare indeed!

It is caused by a series of deleted genes on chromosome 7 and occurs equally in all genders and every culture. It is characterized by medical, physical, learning and social issues including cardiovascular disease, low tone, developmental delays, learning disabilities and an inability to read social cues. By contrast, it also often results in striking verbal abilities, highly social personalities and an affinity for music. Many Williams people have similar facial characteristics. A small face with a narrow chin, wide mouth, full lips, puffiness around the eyes, sunken nasal bridge, and small, widely spaced teeth.

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Sports summer camp registration is open

Sports summer camp registration is open

RDT Half Day Soccer and Half Day Basketball

Ages 4-15

July 10-14 and August 21- 25

Whyte Ridge Community Centre is excited to host two 1-week RDT soccer and basketball camps this summer!  These will be all-day camps run by Enrico De Thomasis and his coaching team. RDT Mini Soccer League is famous in Winnipeg for its effective soccer programs which focus on teaching and practicing skills in a logical progression and then having players work with these skills during games. Their website notes that it is “Winnipeg’s 1st and best mini soccer league and developmental program for 4-11 year olds who want to improve their soccer skills in a fun, safe, and friendly learning environment.  (est.1994)”

Many don’t know that Enrico also coaches basketball and can run a similar program for that sport. He and his coaching team also have experience coaching teenagers and they are keen to have a camp with groups from 4 to 15 years old included.

The camps will take place on our community centre soccer fields and basketball court. The camp will also have use of the community centre building as needed.

More details about the camps including cost and registration will be available in the next month or so.

Registration and additional information can be found below:

Summer Jobs

Whyte Ridge is pleased to inform that we will be hiring students to fill the following positions. Please send your resume to General Manager at generalmanager@whyteridge.ca indicating what positions you are interested in.

We thank all applicants for their interest. However, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

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