Adventures at the Ridge

This August 27-31, Whyte Ridge Baptist church is having a morning childrens’ program from 9 am to 12 pm called “Adventures at the Ridge”.   It’s $30 for the week and all children aged K-5 are invited to attend.
Please see attached poster and visit the following link to register online –
Have a great summer!

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Run at The Ridge 2018

May 5, 2018 marked a RECORD attendance at the Run at The Ridge 2km and 5km race.  1431 runners, wearing the color turquoise, enjoyed the beautiful sun and warm weather.  Adding to the hundreds of Whyte Ridge Community runners, we were excited to see over 80 runners from Carman, Manitoba, 160 runners from Robert H. Smith School in Winnipeg and many new Whyte Ridge Elementary Families from Bridgwater.

Bailey Bram (2018 PyeongChang Olympic silver medalist in women’s hockey) and Chantal VanLandeghem (2016 Rio Olympic bronze medalist women’s swimming relay) were our celebrity guests. They officially started the 2km race at 8:30am and the 5k race at 9:15 a.m.  Tyler Carr from Energy 106 was also on hand to get the crowd going.   Buzz, Boomer, Green Drop and Lionel from Boston Pizza were on hand to bring hugs and smiles to the kids and adults at the start and finish line.

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Message from WRCC president

Over the last couple of years I have done my best to keep my messages positive about the club, the people, and the activities that happen at the club.  I find myself in a position with this message, that things are not so positive around the club. I have received emails from community members regarding late night noise and partying at our centre’s parking lot, and we are seeing more vandalism around the club now that things have started to warm up.  In 2 years, I haven’t experienced it this bad, or perhaps I just haven’t heard about it as much as I am now. I have had community members ask me what the club is doing about the noise and partying, and my response is always the same. I encourage you to contact the police, and in speaking with officers from the Winnipeg Police Service, they encourage you to do the same thing.  We would discourage anyone from taking matters into their own hands in these situations for their own safety. I would like to ask all of you as a Community to keep an eye out for these things, and contact the police if you feel there is a need. I would also like to ask you to speak with your children, especially those that are out for the evening with a vehicle. Perhaps there is another venue they can spend their time partying and playing loud music at.  Perhaps they can vandalize their own property if they feel the need to vandalize anything. Spray painting the centre, or damaging the property costs money to repair, and I would hope that they would respect the property, and the neighbourhood more than they currently are. We all like to think that our sons/daughters are perfect little angels, but I would still encourage you to have a chat with your children (I know I try to talk to mine) about these things, and perhaps we, as a community, can help curb this type of behaviour before the police do have to get involved.

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Exciting times for PAL!

After two years of planning, Pembina Active Living (55+) (PAL) has finally begun to set in motion a project to produce a film about PAL, with the use of a central figure and supporting cast from our members and the community.  We want you to know what is behind the name and why we are important to your community and you.  Filming has begun and will continue this summer.  We are delighted to have Buffalo Gal Productions make this a professional showcase for PAL.

With the many programs, clubs, presentations and volunteer opportunities PAL has to offer, we are looking into yet another new endeavour.  Day trips!  Our first trip was to Club Regent casino and from all accounts, a smashing success.  The bus was full and everyone had great ideas about future trips.

Pembina Active Living is a registered charity, and as such, spends much of it’s time planning and executing fund raising initiatives.

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Skyzone Cup soccer tournament – Registration is Live

St.Charles Soccer Association is pleased to present the 1st Annual Sky Zone Cup youth soccer Tournament. This tournament is for Recreational, Developmental and Premier U9-U18 Divisions.

The tournament is sanctioned through the Manitoba Soccer Association and is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

The tournament will be held at John Blumberg Sports Complex on August 8th to 12th 2018

Registration Opens on May 1st 2018 and closes on July 9th 2018.

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