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Mini soccer

Needed: Convener to help us with the U3/4 (co-ed) league.

Whyte Ridge Mini-Soccer is run completely by volunteers – from the directors, to the coaches and equipment managers. Convening is a great role to have within this dedicated group. It is a way to give back to a soccer program (and to our community) which does so much for our children. Without volunteers, we would not have mini-soccer in Whyte Ridge.

Convening involves attending one meeting in February, answering questions of parents by email, making teams in April, distributing equipment to coaches in April and then sending emails to organize coaches in the spring. We have all of the information you need, and we will support you with this work as much as you like throughout the season. And … conveners can also be coaches! If you don’t want to miss out on coaching, it is possible to do both!

Please email the mini-soccer directors with questions about this position at wrminisoccer@gmail.com

Your child’s success starts with you.
Well, this is kind of obvious. Although the focus in this small article is on sports, parents do indeed have a huge impact on their child’s future.

When our children are actively engaged in recreational sports it is already a huge time commitment in addition to the main one, which is being a parent. Now we also become hockey dads and soccer moms, and need to attend all games, driving around in various parts of the city, the province, and the country. Being a sports parent is like having another job, and it should be paid correspondingly, right? I totally agree. But the pay is different.

Imagine that you can not only watch your kids play from spectators’ bleachers, but be part of the team too. You can plan the game’s strategy as well as encourage and prepare your child to play way before the game starts. You will get to know all of their friends and gain their respect. You can have a much stronger bond with your child that will last forever. Do you want that? If you do, then you should volunteer as a coach for your children’s team!


The Community Centre would like to remind everyone that the garbage and recycling bins at the Centre are for Community Centre use only.  Please do not throw your garbage and recycling in the bins.

Your cooperation would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

WRCC board of directors.

Next spring you will see a new outdoor fitness park installed at our community centre. We believe it will be the first of its kind in Canada, combining professional grade calisthenics equipment designed with accessibility features! The equipment will be installed over a rubber safety surface, providing wheelchair access and a clean, safe surface for all users.  The project has received letters of support from the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, on the basis that it will improve access to health and fitness options for people of all abilities.

But you are probably asking, “What is calisthenics?” I like to describe the equipment as “Adult Monkey Bars”, but it can be used by all ages. Calisthenics is a method of training using just your own body weight. It can be done to simply tone and improve flexibility, right up to exciting gymnastic movements requiring elite strength and balance. It is often associated with the “Street Workout” and Parkour popularized on Youtube but is a discipline all its own and hugely popular in many parts of Europe, Russia and the US. It is gaining popularity in Canada with most of the equipment having been installed in B.C., Ontario and Quebec.

Calisthenics can be done anywhere but this equipment is specially designed to provide many safe training options and progressions from beginner to elite. Three pieces of equipment were chosen from the world’s leading calisthenics equipment supplier, Kenguru Professional. They include a main complex P-018, parallel bars P-001 and one triple push-up bar K-001 and are shown in the attached image. The proposed location for the equipment is right beside the basket ball court. Coupling the court with the fitness equipment is a natural pairing, and should be highly complimentary.

The equipment was supplied by a Winnipeg Company Movement Generation Inc. Last year, Movement Generation teamed up with the River East Neighbourhood Network  – Trails Committee to install a world class calisthenics facility near Chalmers Park in North-Central Winnipeg. It was named the “Adult Fitness Node” and was integrated into the the Northeast Pioneers Greenway Trail Network. It is this park that inspired our Whyte Ridge Accessible Fitness Park project. Check it out if you want a preview of what is coming to our community centre.

Most of the funding for the project was provided through a generous grant application to the City of Winnipeg’s Land Reserve Dedication fund, a fund dedicated to the creation of recreation and park facilities. This project received support from our outgoing councillor Marty Morantz and our new councillor, Janice Lukes, who recognized the value of the project for Whyte Ridge residents and the city as a whole. Look for announcements of the grand opening, some time in June 2019. Hope to see you there!

Chris Magura

Director at Large

Your community newsletter only comes out quarterly, but it’s amazing how quickly that seems to happen.  I’ve reached out to the Community many times in the past regarding volunteering and to discuss security issues surrounding the club, however, what we’re looking for now is something more inclusive to all ages in our Community.  We want you to get involved in “The Spirit” newsletter. We don’t care if you’re 6 or 60, which are both very young ages by the way. We would love to hear from you. Do you have an idea for an article about something in your Community Then write it and send it to communications@whyteridge.ca. Every quarter we will select a few of the articles to publish in “The Spirit” and who knows, you may just become famous!  So, if you have a child that loves to write, or you’re an adult with a flair for story telling, then we definitely want to hear from you.  We all look forward to hearing from you!

Curtis Rossow – President

There are slightly more than 35 million people, of all ages, living in Canada. These people represent over 200 ethnic groups, with 13 of these ethnic groups consisting of over 1 million people each.

Immigration has contributed to the diversity of Canada’s growing population.  In fact, about 22% of Canadians today were not born in Canada. If Canada’s current immigration policies and rates remain as they are, it is projected that by the year 2031, about 28% of Canadians will be foreign-born. This means that the population of Canada will become even more ethno-culturally diverse than ever before.

From the food that we eat, the way that we cook, the traditions we celebrate or the social activities we partake in, we all have so much culture to share with one another. Now that we live side by side, from your next-door neighbours to our fellow Canadians from other provinces, we all have a very unique opportunity to not only maintain our own cultures, but to learn from other cultures who reside around us and share the beliefs, practices, and habits that can lead to a stronger and happier community to be.


Digital citizenship is a critical foundation skill to be taught. Staff of HGI take this responsibility seriously. Our students participate in many learning activities with infused technology assisting in their process and their demonstration of learning. Students are also learning about their digital footprint. We are proud of Ms. Templeton’s grade 8 class who hosted the press conference to start “Media Literacy Week”.

The HGI video for “Media Literacy Week” can be found at this CBC link https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1362683971814 and begins at 18:20. The dialogue re: Fact or Fiction is a very relevant one for our youth today. (more…)

As I have come to know more and more people in our community and learning about their heritage, I have found that there are so many great foods out there that I never have tried.   What better place is there to help spread the word and share great recipes than our community newsletter.

I would like to start by sharing a dish that was first introduced to me Christmas of 2001 and has become a must have on our table for our holiday meal ever since.   When I saw this casserole on the table I wasn’t sure about it, I’m quite picky with my cheese, but this being my first holiday season with my husband to be and his family I couldn’t refuse.  And am I ever glad I didn’t.  After I finished my plate I had to go back for seconds.  And it’s so easy to make!

I hope you enjoy this dish as much as I do.

Interested in sharing your favorite dish?  We would love to hear from you.  Email secretary@whyteridge.ca or communications@whyteridge.ca

Cheezy Rice Casserole

  • Ingredients
  • 1 Cup Raw Rice
  • 1 Pkg Frozen California vegetables (use ½ of 1 kg bag, or use fresh broccoli, carrots & cauliflower)
  • Sprinkle of Onion Flakes
  • 1-8 oz jar of cheese whiz (1 cup)
  • 1 Can of cream of chicken soup
  • ½ Cup of butter (strongly suggest you use butter, not margarine)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
Cook rice as package instructions.  Add vegetables and onion flakes to cooked rice.
In a separate bowl melt together cheese whiz, chicken soup and butter.  Add to rice mixture.
Bake in an uncovered casserole dish for 1 hour.
Recipe can be doubled (and often is in my house 😊)



Welcome residents of Whyte Ridge and Linden Ridge to the new Waverley West ward!
I post regular updates of my Councillor activities on social media, on my website and in a monthly email newsletter.
If you are interested in learning more about your neighbourhood & City, please consider subscribing.

Happy Holidays & Best Wishes for a Healthy & Prosperous 2019!


We are happy to introduce our newly formed WRCC Jr. Board for the 2018/2019 year.  Members are students from both Henry G. Izatt Middle school and Vincent Massey High School.  Members are as follows:

President – Rocelynd Tabios
Vice President – Arpita Quadir
Treasurer – Autumn Kobayashi
Secretary – Courtlyn Falconer
Director at Large – Nazar Vizntsya, Matthew McCarthy

The WRCC Jr. Board is an enthusiastic group and will be focused on youth in our community offering activities and events at the Club.  We are very excited to see what they have in store for us this year.


What is WRCC Jr. Board?

The Jr Board was formed in order to reach a young population of community members to engage them in the Board development process, build future leaders and support various events/activities of WRCC.

The mission of WRCC Junior Board is to support the overall mission and activities of WRCC by acting as ambassadors, developing leadership skills, sharing ideas and by engaging other community member ages 11-17 years old in becoming the next generation of Directors.

Members of the Jr. Board will learn how to conduct meetings, be a part of group decision making, develop leadership skills and learn how to implement project ideas.  This is all through the support of the “senior” Board of Directors.


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