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Sunday, August 19th proved to be a beautiful and FUN afternoon filled with bouncers, a dunk tank, carnival games, face painting, food and so much more!

Thank you to all our volunteers for your dedication and time spent organizing and running this event, without the help from people like you we would be unable to hold events for our communities.


The HGI team is motivated to begin a positive school year. Here are some excerpts from the school’s annual community report to provide information on last school year’s experiences under our Strategic Plan headings; our “HGI’s”:

Henry G. Izatt Middle School garden

Humanity: Interactive Start, monthly assemblies, community citizen outreach, addressing global issues, inquiry-based and passion projects, athletics, arts-based programs and performance are ways in which HGI promoted belonging, cultural competence, global citizenship and a healthy learning environment.

Growth: Intentionally flexible periods have provided opportunities for our learning community to pursue interactive starts to the day, morning meetings and “passion projects” as means to cultivate student choice, curiosity and positive relationships as students and staff continue to learn and grow alongside one another. An inclusive environment ensuring equity for all has resulted in opportunities for everyone to realize their true potential for learning.

Innovation: With digital filming and editing projects that contribute to HGI Stories, the HGI Stories Broadcast Studio supported by our PAC, our 3D printing and coding infused Learning Commons, as well as our MakerSpace initiatives, opportunities for students to meet the demands of current society with innovative thinking continue to grow at HGI.

Sustainability: Our Student Action Voice Engagement group (S.A.V.E.) capitalized on various grants to support our new urban gardens. The gardens were designed, constructed and planted by HGI staff and students to house native plants and vegetables. The student-led recycling program, the roof-top beehives and our ongoing partnership with Riverwood Square are examples of initiatives that promote social responsibility and allow students to connect curricular outcomes to authentic and relevant experiences.


Nick Barnes

Hey Whyte Ridge! I was asked to report on some of the activities occurring in the community this summer, so here goes.

Like many places around the world, we had a really hot summer this year, and I don’t know about you, but my lawn really suffered for it. I had more success growing weeds than grass. Our open spaces around the community were no different. Canada thistle, in particular, has been a nuisance at the community centre, especially in the naturalizing areas. I asked Rod Penner, the City Naturalist, if he could help, and a crew came out in early August to cut down the plants. The plan is to come back in the fall to spray the areas of thistle re-growth with a broadleaf herbicide called Milestone, which is particularly effective at killing thistle. Rod said that naturalized areas do not fall under the Province’s Pesticide Reduction Regulation and so herbicides can be used. Weeds aren’t only limited to Whyte Ridge; I’m pretty sure that’s purple loosestrife in the pond by the technical college, an aggressive non-native species.


Whyte Ridge is known as a home for some key people in Winnipeg: the Premier of Manitoba used to live here, and the MLA and city councilor are residents of our community. And our first Kid Mayor comes from Whyte Ridge as well.

Nazar Viznytsya was chosen out of 250 kids to become Winnipeg’s first Kid Mayor. Nazar goes to school at Henry. G. Izatt Middle School, plays soccer for the Whyte Ridge team and loves to code. He says that he was encouraged by his teacher to participate in the contest and the following week he sent his submission about putting more streetlights into downtown. “I thought about where our culture is and thought about downtown. Then I thought about how to improve it and the first thing that popped into my mind,” said Nazar when asked about how he thought of his idea. Not only did he propose his idea to the EPC but he also got to open a candy shop, get a private tour of the police station and spend the day with Brian Bowman.

This is the letter Nazar submitted to the contest that made him the winner:


May 5, 2018 marked a RECORD attendance at the Run at The Ridge 2km and 5km race.  1431 runners, wearing the color turquoise, enjoyed the beautiful sun and warm weather.  Adding to the hundreds of Whyte Ridge Community runners, we were excited to see over 80 runners from Carman, Manitoba, 160 runners from Robert H. Smith School in Winnipeg and many new Whyte Ridge Elementary Families from Bridgwater.

Bailey Bram (2018 PyeongChang Olympic silver medalist in women’s hockey) and Chantal VanLandeghem (2016 Rio Olympic bronze medalist women’s swimming relay) were our celebrity guests. They officially started the 2km race at 8:30am and the 5k race at 9:15 a.m.  Tyler Carr from Energy 106 was also on hand to get the crowd going.   Buzz, Boomer, Green Drop and Lionel from Boston Pizza were on hand to bring hugs and smiles to the kids and adults at the start and finish line.


Greetings from HGI

The school had a very productive 2017-2018 school year and we are happily preparing for 2018-2019. The registrations and orientation tours have occurred for families in our neighborhood (Whyte Ridge, Bridgwater Trails, Bridgwater Lakes and Bridgwater Center) and we will be excited to meet any families new to our community. We planned an introductory information session and a tour of our school for any newcomers on August 31, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at the school. As always, please continue to check our website https://www.pembinatrails.ca/schools/henrygizatt/Pages/Default.aspx for updates, calendar, photos of events and other information (e.g. school supplies).

One of our most exciting news items is that HGI is now in partnership with “The Bee Project”. Two hives will be placed on the roof of HGI before the summer holiday. The Bee Project staff look after the hives, connect us with a video feed so we can watch the activity and provide us with the honey from “our hives” to sell to community members. HGI students have researched a great deal about honey bees and are concerned with the impact climate change and the declining bee population will have to sustainability. Although we initially thought our honey bees would be a bonus for the HGI gardens, we have learned that bees do not fly “down” quickly. They will fly from their hive on the roof and maintain altitude with a very slow descent. Which means the HGI bees will be collecting pollen further afield than the HGI gardens.


Run At the Ridge 2017

15Th Annual Run at the Ridge – Saturday, May 5th 2018

With all due respect to the groundhog, the first Robin we see, or the first dandelion we pull out of our lawn, the REAL first day of Spring occurs with the Whyte Ridge Spring tradition of the “Run at the Ridge” 2018 marks the 15th annual “Run at the Ridge”.

This year’s Run at the Ridge is on Saturday May 5th, 2018, with the 2K race starting at 8:30 AM and the 5K race at 9:15 AM. It’s a terrific morning to spend with your entire family. Everybody from babies in strollers, toddlers, pre-schoolers, moms and dads, uncles and aunts, and even grandparents are welcome to participate. You can get pushed in a stroller, pulled in a wagon, walk, run, stroll, skip or jump ………whatever pace you are most comfortable with.  We had a fantastic turnout last year with 1403 participants lacing up their running shoes!  We are the third largest road race in Manitoba!


This article has been prepared for the Sou’Wester community newsletter by Danielle Da Silva. Read the story on the website.

Rollyn and Rocelynd Tabios.Rollyn and Rocelynd Tabios are the president and secretary of Whyte Ridge Community Centre’s new junior board. The junior board is organizing a coffeehouse event on Jan. 12 featuring performances from local artists.

Youth in Whyte Ridge are taking a lead role in crafting the community they want to see.

In October, the Whyte Ridge Community Centre (170 Fleetwood Rd.) launched a junior board in an effort to get more young people involved in the programming and operations of the small club.


I am starting to build our Annual Canadian Cancer Society’s Volunteer Door to Door team and I’m hoping to have your help in the fight against cancer. Please consider being a part of it this April 2018.

Last April, our Manitoba Team was over 1500 volunteers strong, although we know you would be a perfect addition and much appreciated.

In April 2017 $525,000 was raised during the Canadian Cancer Society’s annual Door to Door canvass in Manitoba.

These funds help to support the Canadian Cancer Society’s Wheels of Hope transportation program, Peer Support Service, Research and many other support services for those facing cancer and their loved ones.

With the amazing support of so many volunteers across the province .93 cents of every dollar raised through this campaign, is dedicated to Manitoba cancer initiatives that support all Manitobans through the Canadian Cancer Society.


Henry G. Izatt Middle School continues focus on the school team’s four pillars of Humanity, Growth, Innovation and Sustainability. As the 2017-18 school year is underway, students, parents and staff are engaged in inquiry or passion projects in many areas.

HGI’s community garden (photo attached) has been an excellent addition to the school as a growing example of authentic learning and involvement. The harvest was a good one. Many of us learned about kohlrabi. One of the five pumpkins has been harvested and seeds removed and dried in preparation to be planted next year.

Our Student Action Voice Engagement (S.A.V.E.) group held a retreat at the Richardson Field Station on October 27, 2017. Following this workshop, the students chose involvement in community or global projects that are already underway or initiate new projects. The students will be applying the principles they gained through participation in WeDay. The school partnership with Riverwood Square continues with a number of activities underway encouraging the growing relationship between the students and the seniors. A focus on creativity and the arts will be visible this year. With partners from Riverwood and the school, a knitting project has begun.


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