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Congratulations to Coach Corey McCarthy and the 13-14 year old girls team who defeated Southdale 27-24 to win the city championship of the WMBA  spring season!

Visit our home page http://whyteridge.ca/wp-cc/sports/basketball for more information about our program.

Have you seen this girl? You may have seen her in the neighbourhood, or maybe while sitting in your car at a red light, while she smiles, waves, or blows kisses to you.

She seems so friendly and says Hi to everyone. You know something is not quite right, but may not be comfortable asking the parents, “What is your daughter’s disability?” Please ask us! We are always spreading knowledge and awareness of her condition. Evanjeline is 10 years old and has Williams Syndrome. What is that? We didn’t know either. Google it!

Williams Syndrome is a rare genetic condition that occurs in about 1 in 10,000 births. That puts the number of Williams Syndrome population for all of Manitoba at only 100 people.  Rare indeed!

It is caused by a series of deleted genes on chromosome 7 and occurs equally in all genders and every culture. It is characterized by medical, physical, learning and social issues including cardiovascular disease, low tone, developmental delays, learning disabilities and an inability to read social cues. By contrast, it also often results in striking verbal abilities, highly social personalities and an affinity for music. Many Williams people have similar facial characteristics. A small face with a narrow chin, wide mouth, full lips, puffiness around the eyes, sunken nasal bridge, and small, widely spaced teeth.


When my family moved to Whyte Ridge 3 years ago, everything was new to me – new area, new neighbours, and a new school for the kids. I used to take a bus to work from where we lived before, so the commute to work was also new to me. At 7 am in the morning the bus is usually pretty empty. The passengers are either still sleepy, or busy looking into their devices without paying much attention to people around them. All of them, except one fellow. He looked quite different from others. He smiled to everyone on the bus, and had a small talk with people sitting next to him. I quickly found that he was a musician. So on one of the mornings, I sat next to him and had a chat.

His name is Steven, and I am sure quite a few passengers of the 7 am route 181 to Downtown bus know him too. Since music is my passion, we often chat about his music life and the things he likes doing. One day, after pushing our bus out of deep snow, Steven told me something that I decided to share with you.


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The students of 3CT are hoping Spring Break will be warm this year. They have come up with some fun activities happening around the city. “When we researched we found stuff we never knew about!” Said Cameron and Jadon. The Children’s Museum is another place that was very interesting. Elsa and Finley are very excited to try the Run! Jump! Fly! Event happening there. Anisha wants to try out the clay creation at Shelmerdine Garden. If you’re up for some laughs, join Sameeha at the Festival of Fools at The Forks. Dress up as pilots and create some paper airplanes to TheAviation Museum! A lot of our students will be there! (more…)

Students at Whyte Ridge school get into the spirit of the Festival du Voyageur every year by creating a celebration all their own. Grade four students explore this important and fascinating part of our Métis and First Nations history during French classes. They then plan and produce a multimedia presentation where the school gym comes alive with students dressed in character dancing gigues and fast-paced folk dances and leading sing-alongs where the entire school and audience are invited to clap and sing.  This year’s Voyageur show took place on February 24th.


Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting of the WRCC

All residents of Whyte Ridge and Linden Ridge are invited and urged to attend the AGM taking place on Tuesday, April 11, 2016 7:30 pm at the Community Centre (170 Fleetwood Road) in the Multi Purpose Room. This is your opportunity to learn about the latest developments happening at your Community Centre as well as vote on issues and elect new Board members. Minimum of 10 community members needed. We look forward to seeing you there!


WRCC Board survey

In preparation to the meeting, Whyte Ridge Board of Directors would like to conduct a short online survey to get your feedback on the past year and to rate the Board’s overall  performance. This is an excellent opportunity to share your opinion on what is important to the community, what’s going well and what you want to see changed.

The survey should not take more than 5 minutes. We appreciate you time. Thank you

Click here to begin the survey 

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