Soccer fields and practices scheduling


  1. Whyte Ridge Soccer fields are for Whyte Ridge teams ONLY. Any unauthorized use is prohibited. If you want to use the field you MUST get a permission from Whyte Ridge Soccer or Whyte Ridge Community Club.
  2. WYSA and WSEU scheduled games will always have priorities even if they occur outside of regular windows, for example Fridays or weekends.
  3. Booking is on first-come first-served basis. If you booked the field and someone else uses it – they will have to find another place, not you.
  4. Please do not book for more than 1 hour on weekdays and 2 hours for weekends.
  5. Book only one field at the same time. We want to be courteous to each other.
  6. When using the field you are responsible to keep in good condition. If the field is damaged – DON’T use it. Please report as soon as possible to our field maintenance coordinator. See Soccer Contacts page for more information.

Whyte Ridge Soccer fields

WRCC Soccer fields calendars

HGI Field (aka Don Smith)

Send meeting request via Google –

Whyte Ridge (Elementary) School Field

Send meeting request via Google –

WRCC North Field (aka Whyte Ridge Tike)

Send meeting request via Google –

WRCC South Field (aka Whyte Ridge Club)

Send meeting request via Google –


  1. Find the field calendar you want to book.
  2. Include your team name so we know who is using the field.
  3. Please be aware that the information you post on the website is public
  4. If you are not planning to use the field please cancel the reservation.

This service is offered as is, without warranty or support. It is strongly recommended to use desktop/laptop computer for a standard browser as shared Google calendars assigned to WR fields may not work properly on mobile devises.

YOU MUST REFRESH THE PAGE and check the field’s calendar to see if your booking was accepted. If after refreshing the page it doesn’t appear on the calendar, please review the steps below.

We will try though to help and fix the issues when time permits. If you have problems booking or your have questions please contact



  1. Unfortunately, these calendars only work if you signed into Google account.
  2. If you have Google account, please use Google Calendar app for scheduling. You may also click on “+Google Calendar” at right bottom corner to add it to Calendar and do it from there rather than using email addresses below.
  3. You don’t have Google account (and neither of any coaches on your team) you can contact your age group convenors indicating your team name, what field and what time you need to book.

Here is a quick guide how to add an event to a soccer field calendar. Click on each image to zoom in.

Step 1 – add field’s shared calendar to your Google Calendars

1 – Click Plus sign to add  his field calendar to your Google Calendar

Step 2 – confirm

2 – Click Yes, to add it to the list of your calendars

Step 3 – create new event

3-In Google Calendar click Create

Step 4 – enter event details

  • Calendar admins (members of WR soccer) can create events directly in these calendars

4-Create event

  • Others, please add corresponding fields’ as guests. If the calendar doesn’t show up in Guests copy the calendar’s direct link listed below its name, i.e.

4-Create event

Step 5 – Refresh the page to confirm the entry was created


If you followed all the steps properly, you will see your meeting booked. You can also check the calendar on the page, just refresh it.

Important: if after refreshing the event you created shows as greyed or not show at all, this means it was not accepted. In this case you need to modify either the day and time or use another field and different calendar!

I hope you can find this information useful.