Team Officials

Coaches and Assistant coaches

Coaching is critical to both the development and enjoyment for our young soccer players. Being a soccer coach, especially at the U3/4 to U12 ages, does NOT require soccer experience. For many of you parents who will be out cheering every time your child plays, please consider becoming a coach.

Whyte Ridge Youth Soccer will help give you the tools to help you give your child(ren) and their friends a great soccer experience. We reimburse you for taking any of the 4 courses outlined in Phase 1 – The Community Coach Stream, as governed by the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) as follows:

  • Active Start (players U4-U6) – 3 hours
  • FUNdamentals (players: boys U6-U9 & girls U6-U8) – 7 hours
  • Learn to Train (players: boys U9-U12, girls U8-U11) – 14 hours + Make Ethical Decisions Module
  • Soccer for Life (players: boys U13+, girls U12+) – 14 hours + Make Ethical Decisions Module

More information about clinics and training can be found at:

Reimbursement policy: Up to one clinic per year, per coach (must be coaching that season), maximum $100. PDF or original of receipt must be submitted to soccer director, along with a PDF or copy of your certificate received at the end of your course. Reimbursements must be requested within 1 month of clinic attended. Please allow 4-6 weeks for reimbursement.

In addition to reimbursing basic coaching certifications, we offer the following perks for all team officials (coach, assistant coach, & convenor) who volunteer and are accepted as team officials on their child’s team:

1. A guarantee that your child will not be transferred out of a Whyte Ridge team when we host that team, even if you are the last person to register.

2. A gift (value $25) at the end of the coaching season to show our appreciation for your volunteer team official efforts.  (U9-U18 Coaches only)

3. A volunteer appreciation party (usually held in the end of June each year) with free food, snacks, drinks and lots of socializing with other fellow team officials. LOTS OF FUN!

The most important reason of all: The smile on your child’s face when he/she sees their dad or mom on the coaches bench! Priceless


Detailed step-by-step instruction available here:

Non-coaching staff


  • Forming teams, transferring players in and out
  • Coach and Assistant coach recruitment.
  • Help parents and players with registration. You will be first level support for them.
  • Keeping track of players number for each of your age groups.
  • Attending community clubs swamp meeting (1 per season).
  • Most of the work can be done through emails.
  • Reporting back to Soccer Directors and Equipment managers when teams are ready.
  • Work closely with Soccer Directors in Whyte Ridge. You will get all required support from them and WSEU (our parent organization) as needed.
  • Your busiest time usually 1-2 months before a new season starts. Once the soccer season starts, there is barely any work.

Team managers

  • provide a liaison between parents and the coach in the event that a parent is uncomfortable
  • sends game cancellations and updates. TeamSnap app/website is a good way to communicate with the team.
  • provides referee the list of all coaching personnel present at the game and  players names present and dressed to play on the game sheet
  • any additional help in organizing team events (scheduling practices, wrap up parties, snack schedule etc) is welcome