Requirements for coaches and assistant coaches

Team Officials Requirements for Youth Soccer (must be validated each season)

IMPORTANT: All coaches and assistant coaches are required to register on the Whyte Ridge Goalline website every season.  Coaches cannot be assigned to their teams until this registration has occurred.

In addition to registering on Goalline, coaches must obtain a valid green coach card and have it stamped each season. Required certifications to get the coach card are:

The detailed process to obtain a coach card is outlined below.

Step 1

Do you have a green WYSA team official’s card with your picture on it?

If yes, go to step 2

If no, go to step 6

Step 2

Take your green WYSA team official’s card to the WSEU office on McGillivray and Eliana will have it stamped for you.

Go to step 3

Step 3

Has your child abuse registry and/or criminal record certificates expired? These last for 3 years and must be redone every 3 years. If you are unsure about the expiration date look at your last copy of each certificate and the date when it was approved is at the bottom. If you can’t find your copies of either document contact Eliana at WSEU 204-452-8020 and she can help you out.

If yes (certificate(s) have expired or you have never been screened), go to step 4

If no (certificate(s) have not expired), go to step 5

Step 4

In order to be a team official you require two different checks to be performed.

The first check is a Criminal Records Background certificate. This lasts for 3 years. The minimum cost is $43.25, which you will pay for initially. Save your receipts. When the criminal records certificate is ready you must pick it up in person at the Police Station as per their instructions (which will be emailed to you when you finish the application) along with the required ID. When you finally have your certificate, photocopy it and drop it off, along with your payment receipts, to Eliana at WSEU. Please allow WSEU at least 3 months to process your reimbursement, which they will mail out to you to the address on the criminal records certificate. The online application form along with more information can be found at the link above. Please use “Winnipeg South End United Soccer Club” as the agency for which backgroud check is made.

The second check is a Child Abuse Registry certificate. This lasts for 3 years. The cost is $15, which you will pay initially. Save your receipts. When the Child Abuse certificate is ready the Province will mail it to you to the address you provided on your application form. This certificate can take several months to process. When you finally have the certificate, photocopy it and drop it off, along with your payment receipts, to Eliana at WSEU. Again, please allow WSEU at least 3 months to process your reimbursement, which they will mail out to you to the address on the criminal records certificate. You can fill out the application online (new for 2016), apply in person at 777 Portage Avenue, or download the application form and mail it in. More information about this check can be found online at:

Please note that the Manitoba office for Child Abuse registry is now located at 777 Portage Avenue (near Broadway).

Go to step 5


Step 5

Have you completed the Respect In Sport online course?

Not sure if your number is valid? Check it here –

If yes, you are done. Congratulations! You can now be a team official for youth soccer this upcoming season. Please note that team officials who have previously completed the Respect In Sport course can also search for their RIS certificate number, if needed, at the website as indicated below

If you haven’t completed the Respect In Sport course, please complete the course at this website:

Record your RIS# at the completion of the course and keep it in a safe place for future reference.

Please note that if your RIS was completed more than five years ago, you MUST do it again.


Step 6 (only for those who don’t have a green WYSA card)

Print a picture of your head, shoulders and up and take it to the WSEU office.  Eliana will make a coach card for you and have it stamped for the season. DON’T LOSE IT!.

Go back to step 3


Q: Where is the WSEU office?

A: The WSEU office is located at Unit 8 – 10 MacGillivray Place (near the corner of Pembina Hwy and MacGillivray Blvd). The office manager is Eliana. She can be contacted by phone at 204-452-8020. Business hours for the WSEU office are usually Mon to Fri 9am to 3pm and Saturdays 9am to 12noon.  Her email address is

Q: Do I need coaching courses or coaching certification to coach recreational soccer?

A: For team officials coaching recreational soccer you do not need coaching courses. They are recommended however for team officials looking to coach U9 to U18 ages, especially for U13 to U18 ages. Whyte Ridge Soccer reimburses coaching courses up to a lifetime maximum of $100. For more information on coaching courses please contact MSA (Manitoba Soccer Association). The website is

Q: How long does it take to get reimbursed for my criminal records and/or child abuse registry checks?

A: Reimbursements for criminal records and/or child abuse registry checks are done by WSEU. Please don’t submit just your receipts without also submitting your photocopied certificates, as WSEU will not reimburse you until they have both the certificate and corresponding receipts. Please allow at least 3 months to be reimbursed by WSEU for all your fees. If the fees that you have paid out financially burden you and you need reimbursement of these fees immediately please contact the Director of Soccer for Whyte Ridge at

Q: How long do child abuse and criminal records certificates last for?

A: Both certificates last for 3 years from the data of issue. Please keep track of your own expiration dates for both the criminal records and child abuse registry certificates. They are located on each certificate and they last for 3 years from the date of issue. We recommend applying for new certificates before the old ones expire, so after approximately 2.5 years so you can get a head start on your next 3-year cycle of certification. Eliana at the WSEU office can also be contacted to obtain your Respect In Sport certificate number (if you forgot it or can’t locate it) and she can tell you when your certificates for Criminal Records and Child Abuse expire. You may not be allowed a green coaching card stamp until all of your checks are in order and valid. A referee has the power to not allow a team official to be on the sidelines of a game if he/she does not have a valid or expired green coaching card. Please take proactive steps to ensure your coaching card is valid at all times!

Q: I am new to coaching, how do I get information about my function or responsibilities as a team official for Whyte Ridge Soccer?

A: The convener for your age group is a great resource for coaching questions.  You can also contact the soccer director at (Kerry Skibinski) or the assistant soccer director (Andrea Woytowich) at