Whyte Ridge Mini Soccer

Mini Soccer is a wonderful introduction to the game of soccer for our kids, and for many this will be the first organized sport they have ever played. As a community we strive to make this first experience rewarding. All mini soccer games for ages 3 to 8  are played on fields in our community. Games are played in the early evening Monday through Thursday beginning in May, weather dependant until the end of June.

Thanks for encouraging your child to learn the greatest sport on the planet! Have a great season!


League Overview

Registration for mini soccer will begin at 8pm on Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

The mini soccer season is tentatively beginning the week of May 1st and ending tentatively on June 22nd.

All games are played during the weekday evenings at 6pm with each team playing twice per week (except U3/U4 who only play once per week).

All sessions start at 6PM, all teams practice for 25 minutes, followed by a 25 minute game and ending by 6:50pm.

Volunteer parents coach each team.

All players are required to wear shin guards and are recommended to play in soccer shoes and shorts, but running shoes and athletic pants are also acceptable. Children playing in the U4 to U6 categories will receive a jersey from Tim Horton’s. Children playing in the U7 and U8 categories will receive a Whyte Ridge jersey.

All players will be provided a practice ball by their coaches for use during the practice/game timeframe.

Fair play: All children playing in Mini Soccer are given the opportunity to play an equal portion of the game regardless of their ability. Coaches will make every effort to ensure all players are given equal opportunity to play.

Parents should bring water for their child to drink during the game.

Everyone…players, coaches & parents…need to observe the spirit of fair play and good conduct. FUN is the operative word in Mini Soccer!

We end the season with a medallion presentation for all players and a Pizza Party courtesy of Calabria Market

Soccer for U7 & U8

Soccer emphasizes skill development, personal growth and fun. Basic soccer techniques are developed as well as introducing team skills. U7/8s play either 5 on 5 or 6 on 6, including a goalie. There is a girls U7/U8 league and a boys U7/U8 league.  All players will receive a jersey & medallion included with their registration fees.

Soccer for U3/U4, U5 & U6

Everyone has fun at this level! This league is designed to provide all players with lots of opportunity to touch the ball in a positive environment. It is designed to expose young children to the basics of dribbling and shooting. This level of Mini Soccer is played on a small field with no goalies and only 4 players from each team per shift. Children of these ages will be part of the Tim Horton’s sponsored soccer program in which Tim Horton’s provides a soccer jersey & medallion to each player. Starting in 2017, players will be able to keep their jerseys after the season.

Safety / Hygiene Issues:

All players are required to bring their uniforms and wear their shin guards to each practice/game. Soccer shoes, socks and shorts are recommended, but running shoes and athletic pants are also acceptable.

Bring or pre-administer mosquito repellent and sunscreen as necessary. All players should have a water bottle. Please do not bring glass containers to the field.

If players should bring a ball to practice, please make sure it is labelled.

Players should not wear jewellery or hats.

Players should visit the bathroom before coming to the park, for there are limited or no facilities near the fields.

Pet attendance is discouraged but if required please ensure they are leashed.

Parents and guardians are responsible for medical issues or first aid treatment. Coaches and league administrators are not responsible for looking after medical conditions or giving first aid to children. A first aid kit is available at the games if needed by parents/ guardians. In case of an injury requiring emergency response, a team official can call 911. Your child’s medical information, which was collected, will be made available to the appropriate coaches if necessary by the league convener.

Parent Conduct:

A parent/ guardian must be at the field for all practices and games. If a parent leaves they field, he/she should designate another parent to be responsible for the child. This is not a drop-off program. The coaches are volunteers and not ultimately responsible for the care of the children.

We ask that you help make this a rewarding experience for all the children by:

  • Supporting all players, coaches and volunteers;
  • Supporting all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from the sport; and
  • If a disagreement arises, be respectful and calm

Player Conduct:

We encourage your child to:

  • Play by the rules;
  • Control their tempers;
  • Show respect for both coaches, other team members and their opposition;
  • Remember that winning is not everything;
  • Participate.

Weather Policy

Lightning in the vicinity is cause for immediate cancellation. We follow the WSEU weather cancellations, which is found on their website every day of the season. If it is raining, we usually play. The players usually enjoy this, but admittedly it is not as fun for the spectators. The U3/4 level may cancel games more frequently because of the young age of the children. All cancelled games will be made up in June.

Information and Policy

Welcome to Whyte Ridge Youth Soccer. Before proceeding to Online Registration, especially if this is the first year for your family in the Mini Soccer Program, please take the time to read this and to review the rest of the Mini Soccer information found under Mini Soccer on the Menu.

Before you proceed, here are a few answers to frequently asked questions:

Team Rosters will be formed, players emailed, and schedules made approximately one week before the start of the season. Organizing a league with 300+ kids is a big undertaking, so please be patient as the season approaches.

Teams will be made up as coaches and registrations are received.  Volunteers determine the size and success of the program.

Coaching is critical to both the development and enjoyment for our new young soccer players. Being a Mini Soccer coach does NOT require soccer experience. For many of you parents who will be out cheering every time your child plays, please consider becoming an assistant coach and getting involved in the program and sharing the reward of participation.  There will be guidance and training given to coaches and assistant coaches at the beginning of the season. Whyte Ridge Minix Soccer will give you the tools to help you give your child(ren) and their friends a great introduction to soccer. We will:

  • provide you with a coaching manual with pre-defined drills to make learning soccer fun for the kids (and to make it easy for you to run a great practice session!)
  • offer a Mini Soccer Coaching Clinics in our community.

Click here to go to the Online Registration page. Make sure you read the full instruction set and other information on the Online Registration page before proceeding with the Online Registration.



Fees & Game Days  







Game Day(s)* Field Location*  



2013 and 2014 U3 and U4 $52 Tuesday @ 6pm.

There will be rain dates on Thursday if necessary

TBA Ashley Schmidt


2012 U5 $67 Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:00pm. TBA TBA


2011 U6 $67 Monday and Wednesday @ 6:00pm. TBA Janine Carmichael


2009/2010 U7/U8 Girls $87 Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:00pm TBA Chris Magura


2009/2010 U7/U8 Boys $87 Monday and Wednesday @ 6:00 pm. TBA TBA


* Game days and field location are NOT absolute and are subject to change depending on number of registrations/teams.


Registration Fees 2017

Fees incorporate a City of Winnipeg by-law, called the Athletic Field Youth Participant User Fee, assessed on all soccer, baseball & softball players under the age of 19. It is included in our Registration Fee in the amount of $11.71, incl GST. We also have an added cost of $3 per player for Online Registration and payment processing.

Our fees help pay for coaching certification and training for all Mini Soccer coaches. Trained coaches will not only make for a better experience for the kids, but a more enjoyable experience for the coaching parents. Fees also pay for equipment and a coaches’ appreciation evening.

Each player is planned to have at least 15 training sessions (7 for the U3/U4 league), a soccer jersey for all ages, a medallion, and a pizza night courtesy of our wonderful friends at Calabria Pizza.

Refund Policy

Mini Soccer Refund requests must be made by email through wrminisoccer@gmail.com before April 10, 2017, which is three weeks before the start of the Mini Soccer season. All refunds are subject to a $30 administration fee.

Click HERE to go to the Online Registration page. Make sure you read the full instruction set and other information on the Online Registration page before proceeding with the Online Registration.

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