Our Whyte Ridge: Spring Break with Whyte Ridge School

The students of 3CT are hoping Spring Break will be warm this year. They have come up with some fun activities happening around the city. “When we researched we found stuff we never knew about!” Said Cameron and Jadon. The Children’s Museum is another place that was very interesting. Elsa and Finley are very excited to try the Run! Jump! Fly! Event happening there. Anisha wants to try out the clay creation at Shelmerdine Garden. If you’re up for some laughs, join Sameeha at the Festival of Fools at The Forks. Dress up as pilots and create some paper airplanes to TheAviation Museum! A lot of our students will be there!

Many of our students are very excited to participate in the Dartcopalyspe Nerf Battle at Winakwa Arena. Try find Louie the Lighting Bug at the Electrical Museum. Kids City has some exciting activities happening which Cherish and Diyorbek are interested in! If you’re into bugs, insects and reptiles, check out “Wild, Weird and Wonderful” at Oak Hammock Marsh with Jin Woo.And for all those actors out there – the Forrest Nickerson Theatre is putting on an interactive play of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”. A Tae-Kwon-Do birthday party is another way to relax and stay active during the week just like Nolan! These are just a few of the things that 3CT found that got them really excited. Either way, Spring Break is a great time to relax and enjoy with friends and family.