Henry G. Izatt Middle School (HGI) – Your Neighborhood Middle School

The HGI team is motivated to begin a positive school year. Here are some excerpts from the school’s annual community report to provide information on last school year’s experiences under our Strategic Plan headings; our “HGI’s”:

Henry G. Izatt Middle School garden

Humanity: Interactive Start, monthly assemblies, community citizen outreach, addressing global issues, inquiry-based and passion projects, athletics, arts-based programs and performance are ways in which HGI promoted belonging, cultural competence, global citizenship and a healthy learning environment.

Growth: Intentionally flexible periods have provided opportunities for our learning community to pursue interactive starts to the day, morning meetings and “passion projects” as means to cultivate student choice, curiosity and positive relationships as students and staff continue to learn and grow alongside one another. An inclusive environment ensuring equity for all has resulted in opportunities for everyone to realize their true potential for learning.

Innovation: With digital filming and editing projects that contribute to HGI Stories, the HGI Stories Broadcast Studio supported by our PAC, our 3D printing and coding infused Learning Commons, as well as our MakerSpace initiatives, opportunities for students to meet the demands of current society with innovative thinking continue to grow at HGI.

Sustainability: Our Student Action Voice Engagement group (S.A.V.E.) capitalized on various grants to support our new urban gardens. The gardens were designed, constructed and planted by HGI staff and students to house native plants and vegetables. The student-led recycling program, the roof-top beehives and our ongoing partnership with Riverwood Square are examples of initiatives that promote social responsibility and allow students to connect curricular outcomes to authentic and relevant experiences.

We certainly are aiming to have another exciting learning year! In the spring, HGI began our participation with the Bee Project Apiaries. This resulted in the installation of two hives on the roof of HGI. Here is a video of the installation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOcew2FWfuI

As part of the project, two live broadcasts are seen in all of the classrooms. Here is our first one as the project people check the hives and explain many “bee” details. The students and staff enjoyed this very much and learned a great deal. https://www.pscp.tv/w/1yNGaXjPPmgKj

The honey produced from the hives will be sold, in jars, to school families and community members.

The HGI community garden was tended by a number of staff over the summer as they rotated through the watering schedule. Watering was so necessary with the hot temperatures. The vegetables have grown so well. The S.A.V.E group is behind this project and is learning a bunch about sustainability.

As we begin this school year, we extend an invitation to community members who would like to be involved in some way at the school. Sports team supervisors, coaches, reading tutors, lunch supervisors, volunteers are all welcome. If you are interested, please call the school office. Any contributions are welcome.

Please remember to check the school website to keep up on HGI happenings:


There is an up to date listing of the staff changes for the 2018-2019 school year under the admin report section. The staff listing for contact will be updated prior to our September start.


We will hold an orientation meeting and school tour for families who are new to HGI on August 31 at 10:00 a.m. at the school.



Cam Grier and Peggy Hobson