HGI school news November 2018

Digital citizenship is a critical foundation skill to be taught. Staff of HGI take this responsibility seriously. Our students participate in many learning activities with infused technology assisting in their process and their demonstration of learning. Students are also learning about their digital footprint. We are proud of Ms. Templeton’s grade 8 class who hosted the press conference to start “Media Literacy Week”.

The HGI video for “Media Literacy Week” can be found at this CBC link https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1362683971814 and begins at 18:20. The dialogue re: Fact or Fiction is a very relevant one for our youth today.

Riverwood Square and HGI continue their relationship and their intergenerational projects. Already this year, classes have visited Riverwood Square and have participated in activities with their senior partners. Seniors from Riverwood joined the HGI Remembrance Service on November 9, 2018 at the school. It is a pleasure to watch the relationships grow while observing students and seniors develop increasing respect and care for one another. Many more projects are planned this year between the two facilities. Our HGI choir will be singing at Riverwood on December 19th.

Our HGI Basketball season is full speed ahead. We have a number of teams participating and, as always, are grateful for the participation of staff and community members in the facilitation of this season for our student basketball players. HGI will be hosting tournaments – Grade 8 girls on January 18/19 and Grade 8 boys February 8/9. Please come out and cheer with us!

Initiated by Judith Stevens and Mel Thwaites, our HGI Art Team, the artist in the school program this year centers on the development of a mosaic installment with grade 6 student participation. This project will occur during the first week of January after the winter break.

Excitement is growing at HGI with the conclusion of the auditions for the musical production of “Beauty and the Beast” under the direction of Mr. Greg Thomas. This musical will be performed in the third week of January. The venue has yet to be secured. A number of staff and many students will be involved in preparations on stage, behind the scenes with staging, with sound and lighting and costumes. We hope many of our community members will participate as audience members for this special presentation.

As always, please check out the HGI website to see what is happening in and around our school. https://www.pembinatrails.ca/schools/henrygizatt/Pages/default.aspx

If you would like to volunteer in some way at the school, please contact the office at 204-489-1239.


Cam Grier and Peggy Hobson