Accessible Fitness Park Coming to WRCC in Spring 2019

Next spring you will see a new outdoor fitness park installed at our community centre. We believe it will be the first of its kind in Canada, combining professional grade calisthenics equipment designed with accessibility features! The equipment will be installed over a rubber safety surface, providing wheelchair access and a clean, safe surface for all users.  The project has received letters of support from the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, on the basis that it will improve access to health and fitness options for people of all abilities.

But you are probably asking, “What is calisthenics?” I like to describe the equipment as “Adult Monkey Bars”, but it can be used by all ages. Calisthenics is a method of training using just your own body weight. It can be done to simply tone and improve flexibility, right up to exciting gymnastic movements requiring elite strength and balance. It is often associated with the “Street Workout” and Parkour popularized on Youtube but is a discipline all its own and hugely popular in many parts of Europe, Russia and the US. It is gaining popularity in Canada with most of the equipment having been installed in B.C., Ontario and Quebec.

Calisthenics can be done anywhere but this equipment is specially designed to provide many safe training options and progressions from beginner to elite. Three pieces of equipment were chosen from the world’s leading calisthenics equipment supplier, Kenguru Professional. They include a main complex P-018, parallel bars P-001 and one triple push-up bar K-001 and are shown in the attached image. The proposed location for the equipment is right beside the basket ball court. Coupling the court with the fitness equipment is a natural pairing, and should be highly complimentary.

The equipment was supplied by a Winnipeg Company Movement Generation Inc. Last year, Movement Generation teamed up with the River East Neighbourhood Network  – Trails Committee to install a world class calisthenics facility near Chalmers Park in North-Central Winnipeg. It was named the “Adult Fitness Node” and was integrated into the the Northeast Pioneers Greenway Trail Network. It is this park that inspired our Whyte Ridge Accessible Fitness Park project. Check it out if you want a preview of what is coming to our community centre.

Most of the funding for the project was provided through a generous grant application to the City of Winnipeg’s Land Reserve Dedication fund, a fund dedicated to the creation of recreation and park facilities. This project received support from our outgoing councillor Marty Morantz and our new councillor, Janice Lukes, who recognized the value of the project for Whyte Ridge residents and the city as a whole. Look for announcements of the grand opening, some time in June 2019. Hope to see you there!

Chris Magura

Director at Large