Whyte Ridge Mini-Soccer needs you!

Mini soccer

Needed: Convener to help us with the U3/4 (co-ed) league.

Whyte Ridge Mini-Soccer is run completely by volunteers – from the directors, to the coaches and equipment managers. Convening is a great role to have within this dedicated group. It is a way to give back to a soccer program (and to our community) which does so much for our children. Without volunteers, we would not have mini-soccer in Whyte Ridge.

Convening involves attending one meeting in February, answering questions of parents by email, making teams in April, distributing equipment to coaches in April and then sending emails to organize coaches in the spring. We have all of the information you need, and we will support you with this work as much as you like throughout the season. And … conveners can also be coaches! If you don’t want to miss out on coaching, it is possible to do both!

Please email the mini-soccer directors with questions about this position at wrminisoccer@gmail.com