PAL55+: Older Adults, an invitation for you….

Do you like to enjoy outdoor activities? How about cycling some scenic routes in South Winnipeg with the Pembina Active Living (55+) cycling group, The PAL PEDALLERS? If you don’t have a bicycle, Yoga in the Park is for you or golf the fairways with the PAL (55+) golf group, PALPUTTERS. A new program, Urban Walking is being considered.

And once you are in great shape with energy to burn, circle your calendar and join us for our legendary PAL (55+) Annual Summer Picnic on August 20 from 11:30-3:00 at the St. Norbert Farmers’ Market. This free, intergenerational event is one way in which PAL (55+) reaches out to all ages of the community, with no obligation other than to enjoy the entertainment and food, shop for gently used bargains, meet friends, make new ones. You may not be able to resist purchasing a membership, as it will be apparent that it is one of the best bargains of all!

PAL (55+) is proud to acknowledge 2019 as our 10th anniversary. Part of our celebration year was a very successful concert in April, when we hosted Sisters of the Holy Rock. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the concert success. More events are planned; please watch the PAL (55+) website or Facebook. Subscribe to our weekly email to keep abreast of PAL (55+) news.

Ten-year and new members alike agree that the PAL (55+) organization quickly adds that all important enjoyment to their lives. The PAL (55+) organization works diligently to fulfill its mission to improve the lives of older adults in South Winnipeg.

Check us out in the various ways below. There will be a full slate of fall programming (painting, special interest presentations, bridge, movies, exercise, etc) available in a few weeks on the website, and at the picnic.


PAL OFFICE: 204-946-0839                         email: