President’s Message

I’m not sure why I’m always so shocked when Summer seems to fly by, but once again, it’s hard to believe how quickly time flies.  I wanted to take a moment in this issue to recognize a couple of your hardworking board members. First of all, your Director at Large, Chris Magura.  Chris spearheaded the project for the new outdoor calisthenics equipment, and after all the hard work he put into it, we believe it turned out excellent.  If you haven’t seen it, please get out to the club and not only take a look, but get a good workout while you’re there. Thank you to Chris for taking this on and making it happen.  Next, I would like to thank one of your long time board members, Robyn McCarthy. Robyn has been on the board a couple different times in various positions. President, Special Events, and most recently, Secretary.  Over the years, Robyn gained a lot of knowledge about the Centre, and what it takes to get things done, but like every board member, eventually you have to take a step away and get back to your busy personal life. Robyn has given everything she has to the Community Centre, and like all of your board members, she worked hard to make it the best club it can be.  She will be missed, but you never know, maybe she’ll be back one day. Obviously with her absence, we will need to fill the position of Secretary at the club, so if you’re so inclined to get off the sidelines, and get involved with the Community Centre, we’d be happy to have you. Even if it’s not as Secretary, we’d love to have you out to help us all make this Club the best it can be. Please visit for the list of open positions.

Thank you again to Chris and Robyn, and thank you to all of your board members for their hard work and dedication.


Thank you,

Curtis Rossow – President