Scurfield Park Upgrades

Last fall – I biked and walked through Scurfield park and worked with the Parks department to conduct an assessment. I’ve been to Scurfield park many times, as I used to live on Bessboro many years ago. I must say, I don’t think any upgrades have occurred in the park for a few decades!  This spring I approved the hiring of a consultant to do an assessment on the conditions and provide recommendations to upgrade the:

  • Pathways
  • Retaining walls
  • Lighting
  • Bench locations

Last year some pathway work was done, this year more is occurring just off Columbia Drive.  The retaining walls are collapsing, the asphalt is in very poor condition, and the light poles are leaning terribly. The front entrance ‘Whyte Ridge’ sign also needs upgrading. The consultant will have a report ready shortly proposing ideas / which pathways may be asphalt or gravel, where additional benches can go, and more.  I will be presenting this report at the Whyte Ridge Community Center’s fall board meeting (September 9th ) and will advertise so people can provide additional input.

I’ve worked on upgrading many parks in the south end of Winnipeg over the years (Kings Park, Kirkbridge Park, La Barriere Park, and others). I am focusing the ward Park’s budget now on Scurfield Park and look forward to some major work to start next spring!  If you have any questions or comments, please email me

Kind regards,

Janice Lukes

City Councillor, Waverley West Ward