Whyte Ridge mini soccer needs your help!

Our mini soccer program is seeking Director(s) with 2 year commitment if possible.

This is a fun volunteer activity which gives the person/ people in the position the opportunity to organize a program for the children in our community.

Each year, the mini soccer director volunteers from the end of January until the end of June. The position involves budgeting (this is already well organized), leading a team of conveners to run registration and to put teams together in March and April and then to oversee the program in action in May and June. All of the work can be done in the evenings and it mostly involves sending and answering emails.

The current mini soccer directors have the months of work well planned and will work with the new director(s) for their first year and remain an advisor for the following years.

The current directors are hoping to move on from mini soccer and volunteer at the youth level of soccer as their child is no longer playing at the mini soccer level.

This is a great opportunity to support your community and children through volunteer service. It is also a wonderful way to show our children how important volunteer service and being involved with our community is.

Please email the current mini soccer directors at wrminisoccer@gmail.com for more information.