Whyte Ridge Mini-Soccer 2020

As much as we might love winter, most of can’t help smiling when we remind ourselves that in a few short months it will be over, and we will once again be at the soccer field. This year we will have children born in the years 2012 to 2017 playing in our mini soccer program at Scurfield Park and Don Smith Park. Mini soccer is a fun way to enjoy the May-June evenings with our children and neighbours.

We love being able to share our time on the field with our child – laughing, cheering, learning skills and being a part of a team together. We encourage parents and other family members to volunteer as coaches or assistant coaches for their child’s team. We support coaches with coaching tips, with a manual of games and drills and by being available throughout the season for you to bounce ideas off. Plus, in addition to the coach’s shirt and team photo which coaches receive every year, coaches will also receive an extra “thank you for helping out” gift this year! At the mini soccer level, you do not need to know how to play soccer to be a great coach and role model for our children!

We are also looking for a person or two people to take over as mini soccer directors starting in 2021. Our child now plays at the youth soccer level, and we would like to move our volunteer focus to that age group. This is a great opportunity to support your community and children through volunteer service. It is also a wonderful way to show our children how important volunteer service and being involved with our community is. Please let us know if you are interested in knowing more about this position, and if you like, you could shadow us this season to see how the position works.

The behind the scenes work is already underway for the 2020 season. We have an amazing team of conveners in place for the season: Meagan (U3/4), Rodger (U5/6), Anifat (U7/8 girls), and Tracy (U7/8 boys).  Paulo also continues to work closely with us all as our Mini-Soccer Equipment Manager.
Registration for the 2020 season will be open February 25, 2020. Information about our program and how to register on-line is available on the Whyte Ridge Community Centre website on the Mini Soccer page. https://whyteridge.ca/wp-cc/sports/soccer/whyte-ridge-mini-soccer/

We look forward to another successful soccer season!

If you have any questions about mini-soccer in Whyte Ridge, please contact Rachael and Karthi at: wrminisoccer@gmail.com