Outdoor youth soccer is finally a GO!

With great excitement, Whyte Ridge Soccer is pleased to announce that the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association has given community centres the green light to proceed with the reopening of soccer programs, starting July 13. Of course, this will be in compliance with provincial rules and regulations, as it is outlined in their communications here.

Our club will begin registration for ages 9-18 on Saturday, June 20. Please note that due to time restrictions we will only be able to keep the registration open until Sunday, June 28. Please follow this link to our registration page.

Below are some frequently asked questions with their answers:

Q: What happens with mini soccer program?
A: It wasn’t an easy decision. After reviewing the “Return to Participate” guidelines set out by the Manitoba Soccer Association and many discussions, it was decided that it will be difficult to implement the restrictions at the mini soccer (U3 to U8) level because of the young ages of the players. Therefore, it was best to cancel the season outright for 2020.

Q: I am a player and I already registered in the spring this year, do I need to register again?
A: Yes. All prior registration have been cancelled and the fees refunded.

Q: I am a coach and I already registered in the spring this year, do I need to register again?
A: No. Your registration should still be valid.

Q: I haven’t received the refund from the spring registration. When should I get my money back?
A: Our club has provided a list of all payments back in May that need to be refunded to our payment providers. We were told that this may take several weeks for money to appear back in your account.

Q: Is the cost going to be the same?
A: No. Due to the reduced season and no playoffs, fees have been reduced as well: $190 for U9-U12 and $215 for U13-U18 age groups.

Q: What are the game dates?
A: We have received some details from WYSA and published them on our website https://whyteridge.ca/wp-cc/sports/soccer/#Games_format. After registration is closed the league will start working on the schedule and we should expect it to be available before July 13.

Q: I want to sign my children up to play, but I don’t know whether there will be a team in Whyte Ridge.
A: Team are formed when there is a coach and enough players. If we fail to secure a coach(es) for a team it is very unlikely that the team will be registered in Whyte Ridge, meaning the players will be transferred out to other community clubs.