Calling All Business Owners

“It is not about selling. It is about creating value for your audience.” – Jerry Allocca

Do you own a small business or are self-employed? Do your customers know what added value you provide? Can your clients feel your passion for your products or services? Do your customers feel empowered after using your products or services?

Here is an opportunity for you to help people feel that way.

White Ridge and Linden Ridge are a vibrant community, home to over seventy-six hundred people, and growing and changing every year. As new residents arrive in the area, they are not familiar with the amazing local businesses and services they can find in our neighbourhood.

The new residents will search for local information or updates, and the Ridge Newsletter is a great resource for them. This platform can be of great use to a small business owner. It is an opportunity to share your story, where you come from, your visions and goals.

We want our community members to know so much more than just the service you provide. We want them to know your story, the added value you deliver.

We are offering to share your story in the White Ridge Newsletter through a short interview. We will talk about the important moments when you decided to start your business, and your passion and excitement for what you do.

Let us share your dreams, your goals, your values. Get ready to inspire and connect your community.

For more details, contact us at

– Orli Gelfat, Community Reporter