Longing for Spring

By: Anna Aráoz

Have you fallen off your New Year’s resolution bandwagon already? Was it to cut down on wine intake, or perhaps to learn how to play bagpipes? The point is, you don’t remember. Which means it’s spring, as it takes about six to eight weeks for a New Year’s resolution to become a distant memory.

Suddenly, we wake up to fresh green colours all around us, and everything feels alive again. We say: finally, the long-awaited spring is here. But more often than not, we forget to get cheek-to-cheek with the season and truly enjoy it. When did you pause last time to smell a flower, study its intricate pattern, and notice the extraordinary form of its petals? Do you look at the night sky to find that constellation which name you knew as a child, and maybe get lucky to get a glimpse of a shooting star or the spectacle of auroras? It’s free, and sometimes it only takes a brief moment, but it’s a big step towards reclaiming ourselves from our crazy lives.

So, forget about depriving yourself of wine or learning to play bagpipes – you need the first one, and you certainly shouldn’t attempt the latter. You should rather resolve to look up at the night sky this year, and connect with the universe and yourself.