Show Your Community Love: join annual general meeting at WRCC

Would you like to meet other Whyte Ridge community members?
Do you have a vision for Whyte Ridge and want to share it?

Whether you have an event that you’d like to organize, or perhaps you want to offer a few hours here and there. The Whyte Ridge Community Centre has something to fit everyone.

We are in desperate need of volunteers and we are counting on you. If you have an interest and you would like more information, please contact or join us virtually at the AGM on Monday, April 12 at 7 pm. Visit for information on how to join the meeting.

It is critical that we get sufficient attendance by community members in order to elect new and continuing board members. This is required for us to operate the Whyte Ridge Community Centre and continue to provide great services and programs for all of our residents. Please join us, bring a friend and get to know your WRCC. It has never been easier!