Janice Lukes: upgrades to parks and community center in Whyte Ridge

Really pleased to be working on so many upgrades to our parks and community center in Whyte Ridge!

Leon Bell Park

  • Installed new benches around the fountain
  • Installed new park signage and upgraded some traditional park signage located off Vanderbilt (Vanderbilt Park)
  • Installing bench at Vanderbilt Park this year

Don Smith Park

  • Added accessible swing set
  • Repaired all the broken fencing along the rail line (but – more have since been broken and have to be re-do – never-ending!)
  • Cleaned up the park area and removed a lot of old metal poles and broken drains/sprayers in ground

Scurfield Park:

  • Upgraded both entry signs to the park
  • Upgraded lighting box (wattage) so we could have Christmas lights installed on entrance trees this past winter
  • Upgraded the gravel pathways, and created a new accessible pathway along the northeast lakeside
  • Removed many treacherous tree roots that were tripping hazards in the park
  • Straightened and repositioned lighting along the pathway
  • Planted upwards of 24 new trees
  • Now asphalting gravel pathway
  • Had flower/shrub bed bark chipped and cleaned up

Whyte Ridge Community Center

  • Providing funding to CC to increase the native plants and butterfly garden
  • Provided funding to CC to upgrade the front door and washrooms to become fully accessible
  • Funding to CC to repair hockey gates, to lower the boards in the east rink, and to paint the boards on both rinks
  • Providing funding for a good overhaul/renovation of public space inside – in partnership with Pembina Active Living – investing $150+K on upgrades
  • Put forward funding of $400,000 and worked with CC to apply for federal funding to install a spray pad park
  • and more plans are in the works for the CC!

Whyte Ridge School

  • Provided funding to upgrade the hill and playground in front of the school

Connection to Fort Whyte Alive

  • Making excellent progress towards a safe crossing over McGillivray
  • This will take time but we are making more progress than the last 10 years combined!

Traffic Safety

  • Relocated bus holding area on Scurfield at Kenaston to Henlow (this Sept)
  • Upgraded turning signal at Scurfield and Kenaston
  • Studying turning signal options at McGillivray and Columbia
  • Studying traffic calming on multiple streets in the community

Whyte Ridge is a beautiful community, that is well-loved and is undergoing some great upgrades! am always open to hearing more suggestions!

Councillor Janice Lukes
Waverley West Ward