Free Outdoor Accessible Fitness Classes a Success so Far

You may have noticed some activity at our outdoor fitness park recently. Is it a flash mob that shows up every Wednesday and Friday at 6 pm? Close, but not quite. It is people enjoying our FREE Outdoor Accessible Fitness Classes.

Classes began August 4 and run until Sept 24 with a drop-in format. In an earlier post we announced the free fitness class schedule and the goals of the program:

  1. To provide a novel, safe, physically distanced fitness class alternative to gyms and indoor fitness spaces.
  2. To promote physical literacy to a broader section of the population and improve access to fun, safe fitness opportunities for all.
  3. To promote awareness of our Fitness park facility with its accessibility features.
  4. To motivate our residents to learn about alternate fitness opportunities such as callisthenics, bodyweight training and street workout and the benefits they bring to physical and mental well-being.

We have a broad range of attendees from workout newbies, to hardcore callisthenics athletes – all enjoying the world-class equipment and comfortable rubber workout surface.


Classes focus on warm-up, stretching and teaching bodyweight exercise progressions so people can test themselves at their own level. And there are always some exciting moments when our instructor Nino Maric or Dustin (one of our hardcore callisthenics athletes) busts out an advanced gymnastic move like a muscle-up, handstand or flip.

I always find that it is easier to be motivated in a group setting, where everyone is encouraging each other to attempt one more rep or try something new and fun! If you want to join us, classes will continue until Sept 24, every Wednesday and Friday from 6-7 pm. Check out our earlier post on how to register.

These free classes are made possible by the generous support of the Healthy Together Now grant and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. To learn more about Healthy Together Now, please check out their website:

Chris Magura

Vice-president WRCC