Whyte Ridge soccer needs your help… desperately!

Whyte Ridge Soccer is a program provided by the Whyte Ridge Community Centre, a non-profit organization whose operation relies on city grants, donations and various programs and rentals. The Board of Directors consists of several directors, all of which are volunteers.

Our current Soccer Director, Kerry Skibinski, has been in this position since 2018 and has retired at the end of October. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his leadership and positive impact on the soccer volunteers and the program as a whole. The last couple of years were extremely challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the shortage of volunteers. For example, Kerry, together with our treasurer Dwight Zacharias, had to issue more than 300 refunds due to soccer cancellations in the spring of 2020. Before taking on the director’s position, Kerry spent time volunteering as a soccer convener and a coach for many years. But the time has come and as Kerry’s children are in the last year of youth soccer, Kerry will be stepping down from his role.

Our Mini-Soccer Directors, Rachael and Karthy, are also stepping down after volunteering for longer than anyone expected. Thank you both for your time and dedication throughout all these years!

I began volunteering with the soccer program in 2015 and although I knew very little about soccer and had no volunteer experience, there was great support from our team of volunteers. I quickly learned not only how to do this job but also gained the confidence to become more involved in soccer. And now I’ve been coaching my sons’ soccer teams for several years.

Without new volunteers… the soccer program is at risk of being cut.

Starting in November of 2021, the soccer program consists of 2 conveners and we are actively looking for many soccer volunteers to fill the roles for the next outdoor season. I will assume the Soccer Director’s responsibilities until the Spring AGM and will focus on recruiting and training new volunteers to make sure the program is continued to be offered in our community. Needless to say,  without new volunteers, the program will not be successful and the soccer program is at risk of being cut. There are also many issues as a result of changes and requirements that Canada Soccer imposed onto soccer clubs like ours via Manitoba Soccer and WSEU that need to be worked on. If this is not done in time (it is near impossible with only 2 volunteers), there will most likely be no soccer next year.

As you can see, we need volunteers. I am reaching out to everyone in our great community. Whyte Ridge soccer program needs you!  In order for the Spring 2022 program to run, we require volunteers for the following roles:

  • Youth Soccer Convenor
  • Youth Soccer Equipment Manager
  • Mini-Soccer Director
  • Mini-Soccer Equipment Manager

You don’t need to know anything about soccer, you just have to be willing to help out.  Please contact soccer@whyteridge.ca for more information or if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Kirill Pirgalin.
Whyte Ridge Soccer