Fort Whyte Alive in pictures

By Anna Aráoz

Fort Whyte Alive is a great place to be any time of the year. Every season has its own charm here, and once you walk through the gate, it’s even strange to think that busy life is happening just a few steps away.

Formerly a clay mine and cement factory, it’s now a shelter for the tired mind, where you can observe, listen, contemplate, and simply be. The urban sanctuary has it all: prairie, lakes, forest and wetlands, numerous wildlife, and its own bison herd; it also happens to lay along a migratory path of Canada geese, whose spectacular sunset flights attract hundreds of visitors every October.

Although we have all visited, not everyone knows just how many activities and unique educational programs are offered here year-round. We are very fortunate to have this nature reserve within arm’s reach from our neighbourhood; so be sure to return regularly to let yourself be inspired, and immerse in that peaceful moment that Fort Whyte so generously offers to everyone.