Whyte Ridge Spray Pad 

Hey Whyte Ridge, we just received word that the construction contract has been awarded for the new splash pad! Construction will likely start in July, and there may be some temporary disruptions to parking, but this time next year the kids will be enjoying this new fun facility at our community centre.

We’ve been working with City staff to select the best location, and it will be on the southeast corner of the property between the basketball court and the east hocky pen. This keeps it further away from Cloverwood residents, it’s closer for water and electrical connections, and easier for drainage. Plus, it will be easy to see from Fleetwood. The toboggan chute will be relocated to the north end of the east hockey pen, which is where it was actually designed to go.

The splash pad will be approximately 280 m2 (3,000 sq.ft.) in area and wheelchair-accessible, with the active pad area surrounded by new shade trees, three benches and four picnic tables with shade structures. There are some graphics attached that show what it will look like. There’ll be a toddler area, a family area and a teen area, so lots of fun to be had for all ages!

We’d really like to thank Terry Duguid, Member of Parliament for Winnipeg South, Janice Lukes, Councillor of Winnipeg’s Waverley West Ward, and more recently our new provincial Fort Whyte MLA Obby Khan, for helping to make this happen. Decisions regarding funding allocation were made by all three levels of government several months ago and include $375,000 from PrairiesCan and the Canada Community Revitalization Fund, $400,000 from the Canada Community Building Fund, and $225,000 from the City of Winnipeg.

Nick Barnes, WRCC Site Development Director