Celebration of our Cultural Diversity!

June 27th was the Canadian Multiculturalism Day. This is the day to honour many ethno-cultural communities that have come together to help build Canada as a unique, lively and strong country to live in. Let’s celebrate our cultural diversity on this day and beyond. Take a minute to remind yourselves of our commitment to equityinclusion, and mutual respect. We are one beautiful nation.

Diversity team of Whyte Ridge Community Centre is planning to develop a Multi-cultural Calendar. Please take a minute to share an important day for your cultural community with us. You may write to Shahin Shooshtari, Director of Diversity for Whyte Ridge Community Centre at diversity@whyteridge.ca or communications@whyteridge.ca.

Feel free to let us know of an important day for your ethno-cultural community along with a brief description of the importance of that day and how you celebrate it within your community here in Canada.

Remember by telling your story, you help us to learn from each other.

Happy Canadian Multiculturalism Day!