Volunteer and coach appreciation night

The Whyte Ridge Community Centre held a small celebration on June 25 to express gratitude to the coaches and volunteers for their commitment and amazing efforts in helping our sports programs: basketball, soccer, and others. Since we had been communicating only virtually for most of the year, it was a nice chance to finally put a face to the name.


Micaela Mayhew and Yevhen Viznytsya

When I first joined the squad in 2015 and 2016, those were our strongest years, with over 300 mini-soccer players and almost 300 young players registering. However, the numbers started to decline as long-term coaches and volunteers started to retire. By 2018, there were only about 200 young soccer players, however, mini-soccer continued to thrive.

In late 2021, Manitoba Soccer Association implemented coaching requirements, forcing us to decide how to proceed with our soccer program. We reached out to our community because we were in a dire situation and we ended up with an almost an entirely new team:

  • Our long-time convener Yevhen Viznytsya, who was on the squad even before I did took over as the new director after numerous unsuccessful searches for a mini-soccer director.
  • One of the convener duties was filled by his son Nazar, who graduated from high school this month.
  • Kerry Skibinski, our former director, is still assisting with the uniforms and equipment until we find a new manager.
  • Nick, Charwin, and Justine are the mini-soccer conveners.

As our nation heals from the pandemic, so does our soccer program, but we still need assistance to develop our program and return it to the level of participation that it once had.

Last but not least, with the assistance of Micaela Mayhew, our special event coordinator and organizer, this event would not be possible.

We would also like to thank many sponsors for their support and to everyone who coached and volunteered. Have a wonderful summer!

Kirill Pirgalin.
Soccer director of WRCC.