I want to play soccer

…but I am not sure which program is right for me

Many parents contact our organization inquiring about the soccer program Whyte Ridge community offers. Our programs are structured to meet the various needs of our community.  There are a few options for you to consider:
  1. Grassroots soccer
  2. Recreational youth soccer
  3. Skill development programs
  4. Competitive program
Each program is based on a different structure, but they are all part of the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) program that Canada Soccer recommends.
  1. Grassroots soccer often known as mini-soccer is geared toward younger children ages 3-7. These programs are designed to develop basic movement skills while focusing primarily on fun and team play.
  2. Recreational youth soccer begins at age 8 and goes on until age 18. Whyte Ridge offers this as part of the community program and this is your default and the most affordable and schedule-friendly option. You can learn more about it on our website – https://whyteridge.ca/sports/soccer/youth-soccer/. Registrations will start at the end of February and the outdoor season will run in June and July. Then in September registration will start for the indoor season that runs from November to March.
  3. Skill development programs like RDT or other academies offer a year-round program that is also divided into outdoor and indoor seasons very similar to WR soccer. RDT also runs they outdoor program in Whyte Ridge and offers 2 one-week soccer camps in August also in Whyte Ridge. Here is their website – https://rdtminisoccer.com/.
  4. Competitive programs such as WSEU are the most advanced. They have a one-season format that starts with tryouts. They play indoors until about May, then switch to outdoors and play all summer with a short break in July-August before going back indoors in October. This program requires more dedication from players who want to become professional athletes or want to play at a competitive/premier level. Here is their website – http://www.wseu.ca/

Also, the Whyte Ridge soccer program heavily relies on volunteers. This also allows us to keep program costs down. Right now we are looking for a second youth convener (u9-u18 age group) and equipment manager. The job description is on our Contacts page.

Contact us at soccerteam@whyteridge.ca if you have any questions, we are here to help.