Coming Up: Whyte Ridge Garage Sale & Winnipeg Giveaway Weekend

Get ready to make some noise, Whyte Ridge! Mark your calendars for the Community Garage Sale on Saturday, May 11. The Giveaway Weekend is joining the party, making it a jam-packed Mother’s Day Weekend.

It’s not just about decluttering, it’s about the satisfaction of lending your old stuff a second chance, saving it from the landfill, and letting it bring joy to someone else. That old bike gathering dust in the garage might just become someone’s new favorite ride.

Now, before you start dragging that old mattress out to the curb, remember that you should only sell/give away items that are clean, safe, and usable.

Speaking of safety, always keep your goods on your property and label your freebies loud and clear so they don’t accidentally become someone’s new lawn ornament. And remember, cleanup time is by dusk on Sunday; let’s keep our neighborhood clean! You can also drop off your unwanted items to local charities. And let’s not forget the bigger picture: reducing waste and giving back.

Whyte Ridge Garage Sale is a tradition we all look forward to every year: have fun and make our community shine!

By: Anna Aráoz