2024 AGM Snippets

Our annual AGM took place on Monday, April 8th. With a hybrid structure, we facilitated the involvement of community members both in-person and virtually, ensuring maximum participation.

 Grateful for departing board members’ service and excited to welcome new ones aboard. Kudos to this hardworking team dedicated to running our facility smoothly. The meeting witnessed active  participation from both residents and officials including Deputy Mayor/City Councilor Janice Lukes & MLA, Fortwhyte Obby Khan.

If you would like to be part of this dedicated team committed to making a positive difference in our community, here is your chance!  The Whyte Ridge Community Centre Board of Directors is seeking enthusiastic individuals to fill a few Board positions, where you can utilize your skills and make new connections!

Please contact secretary@whyteridge.ca for honest information on these roles (no pressure sales, pinky swear!).


Nupur Kumari