The Board of Directors meets every second Monday at 7:00 pm online via Google Meet. Everyone is welcome to join.

To join the meetings please open the date in WRCC Public calendar below, then click “more details“. When you are in Google Calendar and see the event, click on “Join with Google Meet” or “Join by phone”. No meetings in July and August.



President: Kim O’Hara –

Past President: Curtis Rossow –

Vice-President: Chris Magura –

Treasurer: Dwight Zacharias –

Secretary: Elfie Smith –



Basketball Director: Corey McCarthy –

Communications Director: Nupur Kumari –

Canteen Director: VACANT

Directors-at-Large: Jim Dear –

Diversity Director: Shahin Shooshtari –

Fundraising Director: VACANT

House & Grounds Director: VACANT

Programming Director: VACANT

Site Development Director: Nick Barnes –

Soccer Director: Kirill Pirgalin –

Special Events Director: VACANT



General Manager: Bob Macauley –

Recreational Program Coordinator: Raquel Abraham –