Overview of Community

The Community Centre currently services the needs of residents in the area bounded by McGillivray Blvd. to the north, the Manitoba Hydro power lines (north of Bishop Grandin Blvd.) to the south, Waverley Street to the east, and Brady Road to the west.  It includes both Whyte Ridge and Linden Ridge subdivisions.

The community includes the Whyte Ridge Elementary School (Kindergarten to grade 4) and the Henry G. Izatt Middle School (grades 5-9), both of which have gymnasiums, full sized outdoor soccer fields, basketball courts and baseball diamonds. In addition to a play structure at the Community Centre, there are four other play structures in the community. There is also the Whyte Ridge Baptist church, the St. Gianna’s Catholic Church, and a Presbyterian church being planned. The Community Centre catchment area also contains a 12-screen Cineplex Odeon theatre and there has been considerable commercial and retail development in at least four areas (Kenaston Crossing, Kenaston Common, Linden Ridge Mall and Whyte Ridge Mall) over the past number of years.

Based on 2011 Statistics Canada data (, the community catchment area includes approximately 10,000 people, with almost half of the working adults earning more than $125,000 annually, and more than 60% having post-secondary education.  The population includes approximately 1,200 children less than nine years old (with almost half of these being less than four years old), more than 900 children in their late teens, and more than 1,000 adults of around retirement age.  It is noteworthy that most of the population increase in the Community occurred from 2001-2005, after the construction of the Community Centre building


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Janice Lukes, Councillor Waverley West