Whyte Ridge Mini Soccer

Overview and Registration

Registration for the 2023 season will open March 1st.  The season runs from the end of April through June weather permitting.  The season consists of 2 sessions (1 session for U3/4) each week on a soccer field in the Whyte Ridge Community. To register and for more information about the program please visit Whyte Ridge Soccer Registration.


The Mini Soccer program is designed to introduce youth to soccer fundamentals and team sports. The focus is to foster a fun and inclusive environment where children can develop basic movement skills through play and positive reinforcement. Children will be part of Tim Horton’s sponsored soccer program in which Tim Horton’s provides a soccer jersey (needs to be returned at the end of the season), a ball, and a medallion to each player. Parents/Guardians are actively involved at this level, remaining at the field for the duration of the session. We encourage parents to be involved through coaching or assistant coaching.

Schedule and Fees



Birth Year Game Day Time Fees Location
U3/U4 2019/2020 Thurs 6 – 7 $80 ($64 WRCC & $16 MSA) HGI School Field
U5/U6 2017/2018 Mon / Wed 6 – 7 $90 ($74 WRCC & $16 MSA) Whyte Ridge Elementary School
U7/U8 Girls 2016/2015 Tues / Thurs 6 – 7 $100 ($84 WRCC & $16 MSA) Whyte Ridge Elementary School
U7/U8 Boys 2016/2015 Tues / Thurs 6 – 7 $100 ($84 WRCC & $16 MSA) Whyte Ridge Elementary School



Mini Soccer is designed to meet children where they are at developmentally. Our playing format reflects our goal of creating a fun program that maximizes the time each child spends touching the ball. For more information on our rules and guidelines for play please see our Mini Soccer Rules page.


Our mini soccer program rely on our dedicated coaches and volunteers. We aim to ensure all our programs maintain an ideal player-to-coach ratio to ensure a high-quality program and a positive experience for all participants and coaches.  We provide our coaches with online training and resources so they can foster an inclusive, positive, and fun environment for the youth of our communities. No experience is necessary, and we will walk alongside you in proving the tools to be successful as a coach.  If you are interested in learning more about coaching, please reach indicate on your registration form or reach out to the mini-soccer director. Thank you to all our coaches and volunteers!

For a more in-depth description of our requirements please see Requirements for coaches.


Our goal is to create a player-centered experience where all players feel welcome and are given an opportunity to play. We aim to ensure ideal player-to-coach ratios and that teams are balanced.


Mini Soccer Co-Director Email: minisoccer@whyteridge.ca

For a complete list of soccer directors and volunteers, visit Whyte Ridge Soccer Contacts page.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What do I need to play?

  • Please bring a full water bottle, and wear shin guards, soccer shoes, and shorts (running shoes and athletic pants are also acceptable. Players may not wear jewelry, sunglasses or hats.

2.) What Facilities will be available?

  • Limited or no bathroom facilities are available at the fields.

3.) What is the policy for medical situations?

  • Parents and guardians are responsible for all medical situations and first aid treatment for their children. Coaches and league administrators are not responsible for looking after medical conditions or for giving first aid to children. A first aid kit is available at the games if needed by parents/ guardians.

4.) Do we play in the rain?

  • If it is raining/windy we play; however, lightning in the vicinity is cause for immediate game cancellation.

5.) Can my child play with their friend?

  • If you would like to play with a friend, please include the full names and ages of the participants on your registration form. We cannot guarantee requests however, we will do our best to accommodate.

6.) What are the guidelines and rules of play for Mini Soccer?