Why choose Whyte Ridge youth soccer?

You may be wondering why are we so passionate about soccer in Whyte Ridge. The following information should help you to understand.

10 Reasons Why Whyte Ridge Soccer is Great 

1. It is a recreational league, so no pressure.  Just fun. Lots of fun!

2. You play with your friends. Regardless of what school you attend, you will have a chance to play with neighbourhood friends – some that you may know and some that will be new friends.

3. It is in your neighbourhood. Home games and practices are held in Whyte Ridge.

4. We have great coaches. Our very passionate volunteer coaches have won several tournaments in the city. We support and train them.

5. Game schedule is family-friendly. Playing for a recreational league allows children to participate in other school and extra-curricular activities.  Games are not scheduled during the summer holidays.

6. The program is affordable. Thanks to our sponsors we manage to keep the cost minimal and much lower than the developmental and premier leagues.

7. We have a strong team of soccer volunteers. And they’re always willing to help you to have a worry-free experience.

8. No tryouts. No cuts.

9. All players play the same amount of time.

10. Your parents can help as coaches, team managers, conveners etc. Everybody is welcome.