Whyte Ridge

Mini and Recreational Soccer

Our Mission

To provide an experience where kids fall in love with the game of soccer… a love that lasts a lifetime!

Our goal is to promote the world’s most popular sport to the youth in our community. Keeping kids involved in and enjoying the game of soccer not just through the teenage years, but throughout adulthood is a primary aim of our program. With a tremendous volunteer base, we offer facilities, equipment, coaching, and a great environment for players of all ages.

Our Programs

Whyte Ridge is a thriving community of approximately 1,200 homes with an elementary and a middle school. Whyte Ridge Youth Soccer (WRYS) is a soccer club based in southwest Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and part of Whyte Ridge Community Centre (WRCC). We are part of Winnipeg District 1 soccer reporting to the Winnipeg South End United Soccer Club (WSEU) and are affiliated with Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) and the Manitoba Soccer Association (MSA).

Mini Soccer

Whyte Ridge Soccer offers a mini soccer program for children ages 3-8. This program runs May through June outdoors in our very own neighbourhood. This program is organized through…

Recreational Soccer

Whyte Ridge Soccer offers a recreational program for children ages 9-18. This program runs October through March indoors, and May through June as well as September (ages 13-18 only) outdoors. Recreational soccer is hosted through Winnipeg South End United (WSEU) and Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association (WYSA).

RDT Soccer Camp

Whyte Ridge Soccer is proud to work with RDT Mini Soccer League by offering our annual summer soccer camps for kids ages 6-12. 

This year’s summer camp ran for 2 weeks, and was once again a huge success! Press the button below to see some pictures from the summer of 2021.