Rules – U9-U18

2014 update

General Rules for WSEU Recreational Teams

WSEU welcomes everyone to the Outdoor season. We hope that the following will help you in your planning for the new season:

  • Be sure to review the WYSA Rules and Regulations which can be found HERE
  • It is the responsibility of the team officials to be aware of and comply with the Rules and regulations.

ROSTER SIZE and PLAYERS’ NUMBER – According to WYSA these are:

  • U9-U10 – maximum roster size is 14 (12 recommended); 6 vs 6 players (including the goalie), minimum 7 players per team to have a game.
  • U11-U12 – maximum roster size is 14;  9 vs 9 (including the goalie), minimum 7 players per team to have a game.
  • U13-U18 – maximum roster size is 18; 11 vs 11 players (including the goalie), minimum 8 players per team to have a game.

SCHEDULES – All games need to be played as scheduled.  Note that ONLY the WSEU office (for u9 – u12) and the WYSA office (u13 – u18) have the authority to make any changes to the schedules.  Any changes to the schedules will be communicated by email to the affected teams.

GAME CANCELLATIONS – In the event of an individual game cancellation email notification will be sent to the affected teams.

  • In the event of a league cancellation,the notice will be posted on the GAME CANCELLATION LINE at 204233-9100 and on the WYSA Website home page
  • If no notice is posted either on the website or phone line, please attend to your game as scheduled.  In the event that the field and or weather conditions are unplayable, the referee has the authority to cancel a game at the field.  In the event that the referee cancels a match, the home team should send an email to the WYSA office providing the details in regards to the match.

DEFAULTS – All games must be played as scheduled.   Any teams that default a game without notice will have five (5) point deducted from the standings.

  • Please contact the WSEU office and the opposing team coach at least 48 hours before the scheduled game if you know that you will be unable to field a team for a game.  We will make every effort to reschedule, however if we are unable to it will be recorded as a 0-1 loss for your team and no points will be deducted from your team.


  • All team officials, except for the same gender parent, are required to have a coach’s card.   Only Team officials with valid coaches cards are allowed in the team’s technical/bench area.  Team officials who are not able to provide a valid card at the beginning of the match will not be permitted in the bench area until they are able to provide the card.
  • Teams are required to provide both team official and team roster to the referee prior to the start of the game.

GAME SHEETS – Game sheets should be picked up prior to the season at the WSEU office.

The Coach or manager of each team will list the names of all coaching personnel present at the game and only those players names and uniform numbers that are present and dressed to play on the game sheet.

  • A maximum of three guest players may be used for league matches.  Guest players must be registered from the home club and also registered with a team participating in a league that is younger
  • Guest players must be clearly identified on the game sheet with “GP” beside their name.
  • The winning team or in the case of a draw the home team are required to submit the white copy of the game sheet to the WSEU office (u9 – u12) or the WYSA office (u13 –u18) within 5 days of the match.  Game sheets may be mailed to the office or dropped to the drop box.

SCORING OF MATCHES – Teams have the ability to self score from the WSEU (u9 – u12) and WYSA (u13 – u18) websites.  Instructions on how to score are on the each website.  Games should be scored within 24 hours of the completion of the game.

  • The WSEU office will not review the game scores.  Coaches are responsible for reviewing scores that have been posted, and can advise the office if they believe a score has been posted incorrectly (ideally, a scanned copy of the game sheet should accompany the email).  If this is the case, an adjustment will be made.
  • Coaches will receive a reminder to review all scores before the standings are finalized (which will be before the end of the season).  If the WSEU office is not notified of a challenge of a game score before the deadline adjustments will not be made.
  • All scores should be entered with no more than the maximum 5 goal differential.
  • Teams should not be running the score up beyond the maximum five goal differential at the u9 – u12 age groups.  Coaches of teams repeatedly violating this recommendation will be contacted by the Discipline Director

DISCIPLINE – Any team member ejected from a game is automatically suspended for ONE GAME, which is to be served in the next scheduled league, play-off or organized WYSA tournament.

  • When a team member is ejected, the referee will submit the game report to the WSEU or WYSA office.  The league disciplinarian will review this report and any additional correspondence that have been submitted regarding the incident, prior to determining any potential additional disciplinary action.
  • Disciplinary minimums and definition of “suspension from all soccer” are posted on the WYSA website.
  • In the event of a red card being given to a player or team official, please notify WSEU Disciplinary Chair ( and your CC convenor to ensure that WSEU is aware and can assist you in the disciplinary process.

FAIR PLAY– All players should expect to play 50% per game.  It will be accepted that under certain disciplinary circumstances that on field playing time cannot be guaranteed.  It is the responsibility of the coaching staff to clearly communicate ANY disciplinary action to the player and his/her parents.

REFEREES –If in unforeseen circumstances a referee fails to appear for a game or is unable to officiate due to illness or injury, a qualified referee on site may replace them.  Failing that, the teams are responsible to agree on an alternate to officiate.   The decisions of a person assuming the duties of the referee in such a situation shall have the same powers and duties as a person on the official list of referees.  Upon completion of the game, this individual shall complete the game sheet and file an official referee report if necessary.

PRACTICE – Teams will be responsible for finding their own practice space and times.  However, in the event of a game being rescheduled, league play will always take precedence over practice.

  • In addition, teams should respect field conditions and the impact that practices can have on our fields, particularly in wet conditions.  If it appears that practicing will damage the fields we expect that practices will be cancelled or moved to a field or green space that is in better condition.

OUT OF PROVINCE TRAVEL –  Any teams wishing to travel out of province will need a travel permit approved by WSEU and the MSA.  See the WSEU website for further info.

TEAM MANAGEMENT – Good, clear communication is critical.  We encourage each team to hold a parent meeting at start of season outlining expectations of parents, players and coaches.  WSEU has posted a summary of the roles of coaches, assistant coaches and managers on the website.  We recommend finding a team manager, and all teams should have a parent representative to provide a liaison between parents and the coach in the event that a parent is uncomfortable

REFEREE LIAISON – A referee liaison is required for every game, and should be indicated on the game sheet.  Your teams’ referee liaison should identify themselves to the referee, and their role is to assist the referee by managing the behavior of their teams’ spectators and/or coaches.

COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL – Please review this with the parents/players on your team.  It applies to players, parents, coaches, convenors, etc.

  • All teams should have a parent rep.  Always observe the 24 hour rule (If you have an issue, wait 24 hours before raising it with the appropriate person according to the following flow chart).  If issue remains unresolved at one level, proceed to next level:


  • Team Manager – with questions
  • Parent Rep – with concerns
  • Community Club Convenor
  • WSEU Recreational Director
  • WSEU Office Manager/WSEU President

Note: Do not contact the WYSA, MSA or CSA without first following the communication channel above in an attempt to resolve your issue.

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