WRCC Director jobs

The Whyte Ridge Community Centre is always looking for motivated individuals to volunteer for Board of Director positions.  This is a great opportunity if you are looking for a unique volunteering opportunity if you have ideas for improving our Community Centre and would like to implement them if you are looking to add volunteer work to your resumé, or just looking for some work experience. All Board positions are open to residents of Whyte Ridge and Linden Ridge 18 years and older. Attendance at monthly board meeting required (held 2nd Monday of every month except July & August).  Training, support, guidance and mentorship are provided for all positions.

If you are under 18 or have any questions please contact the President for more details.

For the list of current vacancies please visit our Board page.


Executive positions


Will be the Chief Executive Officer of the Community Centre. Liaison with the City of Winnipeg and General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres. Leads the Board members, chairs all Board of Directors meetings. Implements all orders and resolutions of the Executive and the Board. The President may not make decisions on behalf of the Board and will be a non-voting member of all committees. Required to submit an annual report, as well as a monthly report before each Board meeting. Takes the lead in finding new volunteers to fill board positions & committees, and provides support, mentoring and guidance to all Board members and committees. Required to attend additional city-wide meetings several times per year. Helps Treasurer to administer funds of the Community Centre. Speak/Read/Write English well. Requires approximately 4-5 hours on average per week. Has good computer skills: word processor, spreadsheets & emails. Minimum 1-year term required.

Vice President

Looking for 2-3 people to fill the role. Executive Committee position. In the absence of the President, the performance of the President’s duties and powers are delegated to the Vice President. May be required to attend 2-3 City-wide meetings per year. Submits monthly reports to the Board. Vice Presidents will be asked to assist the President in finding volunteers, and providing training, mentorship and leadership for the Board of Directors. Helps Treasurer to administer funds of the Community Centre. Requires approximately 2 hours on average per week. Minimum 1-year term required.


Prepares monthly financial reports, and handles all finances of the Community Centre. Must have prior accounting experience. Read/write English well. Computer skills: Word processor, spreadsheet, email, Sage 50 software.  Must be well organized.  Requires approximately 2-4 hours on average per week. Minimum 1-year term required.


Takes notes at every Boards meeting and prepares minutes and agenda. Submits monthly and annual reports as required. Attendance at city-wide meetings may be required 2-3 times per year. Speak/write/read English well. Good computer knowledge (word processor, spreadsheet, email). Must be well-organized.  Requires approximately 2-3 hours on average per week. Minimum 1-year term required.

Non-executive positions/job descriptions

Sports Directors (Basketball, Soccer etc.)

Each director is responsible for overseeing their programs working closely with the parent leagues (i.e. Manitoba Basketball Association, Winnipeg Youth Soccer etc.), will be managing volunteers (conveners), and doing promotion and advertisement in the Community. Directors report to the Board of Directors and work with the Treasurer closely to manage the budget, registrations and program expenses. Must have good organization skills and computer skills. Requires approximately 2-3 hours on average (each position) per week depending on the season.  Minimum 2-year term required.

Programming Director (Committee)

Looking for 2 people with creative minds to fill the position. Responsible for the promotion, marketing, and management of regular programming and rentals of the Community Centre. Must have good organization skills and computer skills to manage registrations on our website. Requires approximately 3-5 hours on average (each position) per week. Minimum 1-year term required.

Site Development Director

Organizes site development activities based on various development features proposed for the Community Centre. Will research and apply for available community grants. Oversees implementation of approved projects. Requires approximately 2-4 hours on average per week. Minimum 1-year term required.

House & Grounds Director

Responsible for organizing the maintenance activities within the Centre building and surrounding grounds and procuring any new equipment. Responsible for oversight of General Manager, Rink Attendants & Janitorial staff. Requires 5 hours on average per week. Minimum 1-year term required.

Fundraising Director

Responsible for coordinating applications & requests for funding, sponsorships & donations from all applicable City, Provincial, Federal and local business sources. Establishes and maintains relationships with all potential funding organizations. Position may expand into Fundraising Committee if expansion project is approved. Requires 1-2 hours on average per week. Minimum 1-year term required.


2 positions are available. Represents the Community at meetings, and is available to assist any other Director when requested. Requires 1-2 hours on average per week. Minimum 1-year term required.

Communications Director

Responsible for website minor maintenance (major upgrades done by a contractor and the web hosting company), publishing monthly WRCC electronic newsletter and quarterly “THE RIDGE” paper newsletter (produced by Mars Media), and managing Facebook page and Twitter account. Administration of Whyte Ridge organization in “Google Workspace for Non-profits”. Knowledge of WordPress and Google’s G Suite is required.

Special Events Director

Responsible for overseeing the Special Events Committee. Reports to the Board of Directors. Responsible for the Special Events budget, and volunteer records. Special Events Committee organizes several events throughout the year aimed at opening the Community Centre to the public, encouraging enrolment in programs, and encouraging community members to volunteer. Fundraising for the cost of events may be required. Current events include (but are not limited to): Summer & Winter Carnivals, movie nights, and pre-teen dances. The Special Events Director should be a person who is highly organized, energetic, has enthusiasm for new events, works well with others, and can manage groups of people. Requires 1-2 hours per week. Minimum 1-year term.

Director of Diversity

In this role, the Director of Diversity is responsible for working toward recognizing and celebrating diversity. This individual will promote inclusion and equity in programming and services offered through Whyte Ridge Community Center.

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